Marketing Benefits of Coupon Codes

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The trend for coupons in the past years has risen unexpectedly and many retail stores and online stores use it for great marketing purposes to increase their profits. They are beneficial for the customers who are purchasing and the business owners who are selling their products. And also in the world of rising prices and taxes coupons have become very important in today’s markets.


Many business owners and online eCommerce stores like Amazon, Myntra, or even food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy have started using coupons because customers are usually tempted to buy more when they see a coupon. They think that half of the cost of the product or even 20-30% of the price of the product gets covered by using coupons then why not go for it. They often tend to buy products that were not on their list or were not a necessity. This especially happens while purchasing grocery products or products in bulk.

Here are some marketing benefits of coupon codes-

  1. Build a Customer Base- This is the best marketing strategy to gather more consumers as you can take their email addresses or phone numbers and later send them coupon codes, which will tempt them to use it and buy something from your store.
  2. Makes customers buy more products-the benefit of using coupon codes is that it makes the customers buy the non-discounted products too and the products which they were not thinking of buying. This helps to increase the sales of the shop and also increases profits.
  3. Bring back your old customers- By sending coupon codes to all your users even the older ones by using for customer database can bring them back and it will encourage them to come and purchase items from that shop with the coupon code.
  4. Saves money- By using coupons you save a lot of money if you consider the original amount which you were buying at first. A 5% discount for every item on your list can help you save a lot, especially on heavy items.

Using coupons to attract customers is a great marketing strategy and most of the big names have used them to increase their revenues. Coupons have also become a great part of social media marketing in today’s digital world and every shop owner should make great use of them to increase his/her sales.

They can share the coupons on online sites like Facebook, Instagram which have a user database. It has influenced many business owners and buyers but there are many things to consider before using it. Like for customers, you should be aware of its expiry date and ensure the products you are buying. And business owners should ensure consumers’ satisfaction and safety too.

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