What Are the Average Salaries of Help Desk Technicians?

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Help desk technicians are critical in many various businesses and provide high-quality help that cannot be ignored. Before you start in this career or purchase the best help desk software for your training, it is probably a good idea to know what kind of compensation you will receive for your hard work. Thankfully, help desk technicians have a pretty decent salary even when beginning a new career, allowing them to produce the kind of high-quality work necessary for their needs.


Average Salaries (And How We Figured Them Out)

We took a look at a handful of different job websites that compile information about a myriad of different career paths, including that of a help desk technician. We found that the pay rate varies quite heavily for this career but is usually a pretty solid rate right from the get-go. The lowest price that we found was around $34,000 per year for a first-year employee with minimal training.

The average that we found was around just under $42K, with the sites we examined varying little on this average. The highest rate that we found was about $62,000, though this probably varies depending on a variety of other factors. And we found that the hourly pay ranged from between $17 per hour starting up a new job to around $20 per hour for those with a bit more training.

These numbers show a decent room for growth in this field, particularly when expanding to other career options. These showed average pay rates that grew closer to six figures – though they often required a large amount of career training and even some college to get to this level. Before trying out this career, it is worth checking out a handful of various duties you’ll have to perform on this path.

Job Duties to Expect

The day-to-day requirements of a help desk technician vary but include:

  • Troubleshoot problems customers may experience with their technology
  • Help employees and other experts at your business avoid severe problems
  • Field calls and emails from a large number of different people
  • Perform repairs, if needed, on a variety of items and technology

In essence, these technicians are required to handle all of the technical problems that may develop in a company, providing diagnostic help and a variety of repair steps that will keep their business or their customers operating smoothly and without any apparent problems affecting their operation.

Other Elements to Consider

When evaluated for satisfaction, most technicians stated that they were delighted with their job. And around 85 percent of these technicians were male, with 14 percent being female and a further one percent not stating their gender. This information is crucial because it may indicate a gender concentration that some workers may not feel comfortable entering.

And beyond pay, many help desk techs received various benefits that made their job more comfortable. For instance, nearly three-quarters of all techs had medical coverage, and around two-thirds had dental insurance. And almost 60 percent had vision care, with only 25 percent of these techs having no insurance at all. Other perks included discounts from their parent company, such as cheaper services or products, and at least 1-2 weeks of paid vacation for those who needed it.

Improving This Pay

There are a handful of ways that you can make this type of job pay more money. These include:

  • Move to California – The highest pay rates for help desk technicians are in San Francisco, Fremont, and San Jose, California.
  • Get More Training – Your starting and eventual peak pay will change based on the amount of training you have for this position.
  • Transition to a Manager Position – Help desk managers can make an average of around $75,000 or so, depending on your area and expertise.
  • Change Your Company – Some businesses pay less than others, meaning it might be wise to investigate a few other options near you.

In essence, it is always good to stay with a company for an extended period to build up your experience level. Then, you can try to get to another company with higher pay or stay where you are to advance up their corporate ladder instead.


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