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Like most streaming and live broadcasting systems, BBC iPlayer is regionally blocked, meaning it is only accessible in specific regions, in this instance, the UK.

If you try to make use of BBC iPlayer out of the country, you will see one of the following two errors: “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues”, or “this content is not available in your location”.

This occurs because the system has verified your IP address and has noticed that you are not in Britain. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: connect to a VPN.

VPNs allow you to link to servers in other parts of the globe and obtain a region-specific temporary IP address. This convinces geographically limited services and sites that you are in another state, which means you may utilize them overseas.

Still, BBC iPlayer has pretty strong VPN recognition functions, and only a few VPNs can dependably unblock it. This article focuses on how to watch BBC iPlayer with one of the most reliable VPN – NordVPN.

How to Access BBC iPlayer Contents with NordVPN from Anywhere?

Here is the step by step guide on how to stream BBC iPlayer overseas using NordVPN:

  • Sign-up on NordVPN : Register with NordVPN first if you have not done so. Choose either the monthly or three, two, or one-year subscription.
  • Register on BBC Player: Create an account on BBC iPlayer. Entering a UK postal code is mandatory; however, the BBC does not verify if you stay there, so a valid postcode works.
  • Choose a NordVPN’s Server: Link to one of the UK servers shown on NordVPN.
  • Sign in to BBC Player: Log on to your BBC iPlayer account. Even though UK law needs you to possess a TV permit to access the service, BBC iPlayer is based on an honor system.
  • Enjoy Watching

Try to watch BBC iPlayer. The video should start immediately, if it does not, empty your browser’s cookies and cache and load it again. If you are still having trouble, try another server or get in touch with NordVPN customer service for more assistance.

Why Use NordVPN to Unlock BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer has made every effort to detect and block the use of a VPN for access to content. Numerous VPNs cannot evade these blocks, however, powerful VPNs such as NordVPN have shown to circumvent even the strictest geographic restrictions.

NordVPN possesses a striking network of above 700 servers in Britain for assured worldwide access to BBC. NordVPN does not benefit you with the server location only. They also have hidden servers that hide VPN encrypted data.

These servers make it very difficult for BBC iPlayer to differentiate between normal user information and encrypted VPN info, which means that blacklisted UK NordVPN IP addresses are fewer. Plus, if you’re willing to spend a little more, NordVPN provides a reserved IP address, which is excellent for easy content unblocking.

Speed is Vital to Viewing BBC iPlayer

To take pleasure in the best of BBC iPlayer, you want your videos and live TV to load without annoying buffers and be fast. For smooth watching, you must meet the BBC iPlayer least speed requirements of:

  • High definition audiovisual (720p) – 2.8 Mbps
  • Standard definition audiovisual (480p) – 1.5 Mbps
  • Ultra HD (1080p) is currently not available with BBC iPlayer

Recent improvements to the network have dramatically improved NordVPN’s speeds, making sure you enjoy smooth streaming. Encryption levels tend to slow down a VPN; however, NordVPN achieves perfect stability between security and speed. Users of this acclaimed VPN are constantly impressed by the high and stable blocking.

Additional Advantages of Choosing NordVPN to Stream BBC iPlayer

With NordVPN available, you have much more than fast speeds and the appropriate servers to watch BBC iPlayer. Here are several other causes why NordVPN is a perfect VPN to use whenever you are online:

  • A strict policy of no records that guarantee the security of your information
  • The CyberSec package that offers ad-blocking and additional protection against malware.
  • To prevent your data from exposure due to sudden disconnection and leak-free applications, it has two dissimilar circuit breakers
  • Military-grade encryption and dual VPNs that protect your privacy
  • Easy-to-use applications for all key devices and operating systems
  • Dedicated servers for hassle-free transmission, torrents, and P2P
  • Simultaneous networks for a maximum of six devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with no risk, no questions posed
  • Excellent 24/7 client service, as well as live chat. Besides, they have a vast knowledge base server and configuration information


With all these remarkable features, it is not hard to figure out why NordVPN is among the most common VPNs in the market. It possesses everything you require to stream smoothly and safely while guarding your privacy when connected.


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