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Most lotteries are expensive to play. However, there are a select few that are cheap. One of the best known and cheapest lotteries that still pays out is the Mini Lotto. Based in Japan, it is a very popular game because it is so cheap.

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All you have to do is choose the five winning numbers, which must be between one and 31. One bonus ball is also drawn, allowing you one more chance at winning money. This lottery has better odds than most. In fact, the odds of winning are so high that almost every drawing results in several players winning their own jackpots.

There are four prize divisions of the Mini Lotto. To win a second prize you must get four of the regular winning numbers as well as the bonus ball winning number. To win the third prize all you have to match are the four winning numbers. For a fourth prize win, you only need to guess two of the numbers correctly.

Other than that, scratch card games are among the cheapest lotteries. You aren’t competing against anyone else. If you are lucky enough to purchase the winning card you will walk away with a cash prize. Though these aren’t the largest paying lotteries in the world they are the easiest ones to buy on a regular basis without going broke.

For cheap lotteries, you can’t beat the Euro Millions Free Lottery game. After signing up for the game for free, you must pick six numbers. These numbers have to be at least one but no more than 75. Winning numbers are drawn every day. On Mondays a special weekly draw takes place. In order to enter the weekly draw, you have to be on the daily draw three days in a row. You have up until two hours before a daily draw to purchase your lottery ticket. When you do play the Euro Millions Free Lottery game you can only purchase one ticket per day.

These are the cheapest ways to play the lottery. You may even find that you enjoy them more than you would by playing lottery games that are increasingly expensive. Since they are so cheap you can play them every day if you have enough disposable income to do so.

In general, lotteries that pay out huge jackpot prizes are not cheap. If they were, the jackpot prizes wouldn’t be as high as they are. When you win any lottery the money comes from all the people who bought tickets to play it.

With cheaper lotteries, the pool of players is much smaller. So while you are more likely to win, the amount you do will be much less. But for many people, it is worth the sacrifice. Cheap lotteries are a great way to do something you enjoy while allowing you to spend as little money as possible. This is a great compromise for many people who enjoy the hobby.


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