7 Places to Find Trendy Content Ideas for Your Blog

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According to statistics, 6.7 million people publish blogs on different blogging platforms. But only a tiny part of these blogs become popular and profitable.

So if you want to make your blog get real attention, you need to write on trending topics. Fortunately today it’s not that hard to discover trendy content ideas online. Here are the top seven websites where you can find inspiration for your blog posts.


Do you want to know which topics drive the highest engagement on social media? Use BuzzSumo, and you will find out which blog posts are currently trendy on the web. All you need to do is to enter the keywords you want to research.


At BuzzSumo, you can find the following statistical data:

  • Facebook engagements
  • Twitter shares
  • Pinterest shares
  • Reddit engagements
  • Number of links

Content Explorer by Ahrefs

If money is not an object, you should try Content Explorer by Ahrefs. This tool is extremely popular among professional content creators. The only disadvantage is that you should pay even for the trial period.


Using Content Explorer by Ahrefs, you will also learn more about domain rating, referring domains, and organic traffic. It will allow you to learn from the best practices and improve the content strategy of your blog.


If you want to know which topics your target audience is currently discussing, visit Reddit’s homepage and enter the keyword you want to check. You will see the results of the search – posts submitted to Reddit prioritized by content freshness and score given by the website’s users.

Well, Reddit is not the most user-friendly platform on the web. And it may take you a few weeks or days to understand how it works. But once you learn more about all its features, it will help you to find lots of trendy content ideas.


If you do not want to do keyword research, BuzzFeed is the right solution for you. This platform will not help you conduct in-depth analysis. But it will give you an idea of what are the hottest topics of the day.


BuzzFeed provides bloggers quick and easy access to inspiration. If you feel stuck, visit this platform, and you will find out which topics are worth discussion.


Another great place to find trendy content ideas for your blog is your inbox. You can subscribe to SmartBrief newsletters and receive emails that contain information about the best ten articles of the day published at the platform. If you want to get some inspiration on a daily basis, this resource is right for you.

SmartBrief publishes blog posts related to the following:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Retail
  • Food and Travel


If you feel stuck and want to get professional assistance, visit WoWGrade.net. It’s a writing service where you can get fresh content for your blog.

As a creative individual, you may experience burnouts from time to time. So if you have no inspiration, it’s better to let yourself to have some rest from blogging.

You can hire a professional who will write an article or two for your blog. And once you restore your vital energy, you will get back to writing, and you will quickly come up with lots of new ideas.

Social media

If you have neither time nor desire to surf the web for hours, just take a closer look at content that is trending on social media. Do the following:

  • Check out Trending tab on Facebook (you can find it at the upper right corner of your home page)
  • Take a look at Explore Page on Instagram
  • Take a glance at Trending Storylines on LinkedIn
  • Check tabs Trends for you and Who to follow on Twitter

Wrapping it up

Now you know which resources to use to find trendy content ideas. So nothing can stop you from creating high-quality, relevant posts.

Choose the hottest topics and feel free to present your point of view. And your blog will become popular in the nearest future. Keep developing your writing skills, and you will accomplish all your goals.


Lori Jones

Article by Lori

Lori Jones is a content creator and editor behind Studicus.com. She likes to write on topics related to education, blogging, and creativity skills development. Apart from work, she enjoys doing crafts, being outdoors, and learning new languages.

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