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Do you know that you can write an essay on literally anything? It can be on anything that you can envisage. Essays can be written formally or informally. You need to master the art of writing for you to write a great essay. You can count on an online essay writing service for guidelines and support whenever you get stuck.


An essay is a form of writing that gives you a chance to make an argument on a given subject, topic, or theme. Many students perceive essays differently. Some believe that it involves writing articles or papers, while others see them as simply short stories. This somewhat “vague” definition of an essay is what makes it challenging to write a great essay. Here is a look at three essential features that will guide you to write a great essay.


1. Thesis


An excellent essay, on anything, must have a thesis, which is also defined as a thesis statement. A thesis is an objective of writing your essay. It is your main argument that is depicted in the introduction part and supported all through the body section. Mostly, your thesis statement appears in the last line of your introductory paragraph. It is often short, simple, and on point.

It is the views or opinions that your essay portrays and finally proves in the conclusion section that counts. An essay that doesn’t have a thesis statement lacks direction or a line of reasoning. To make this work, begin by narrowing your argument as much as possible. Well-defined reasoning is clear, concise, and distinct.


2. Appeal


Your essay must carry meaning, which your reader or audience can easily find. The objective of writing an essay is to teach people or inform them about a given issue or topic. With the appeal, your essay quenches the thirst of your readers, by all means. Even if it is a personal essay, it has to say something about the world or society, which your readers want to know more about.

For you to write a great essay, you must do thorough research. You must study available literature and establish arguments, opinions, and views available online and any existing gaps. This information helps you to cut across arguments and still generate an appealing essay.


3. Structure


Your essay must assume a unique structure. A structure is a framework of your essay that sets a clear plan of your essay, from start to finish. In many cases, essays have an introduction, body, and conclusion. This structure is helpful as it guides the reader all through your essay, smoothly. While, some essays may be lengthy, others might be 2 or 3 pages, or even less.

You can choose to create your structure by formulating a separate outline of your essay before you start off writing. This outline is the “skeleton” of your essay, which you can begin filling in later as you write your essay. Outlines make writing easier for many students.

What you need now is to sit down, do some research, and begin crafting your essay. Remember, you will learn how to write great essays if only you can start practicing as a priority. By and large, there is no other way of perfecting this art. Don’t be afraid to consult essay writing experts and learn a thing or two from their essay writing skills and experience.


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