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For various roles in the job, one needs to possess some skills. For HR it is not easy to determine the level of skills for each candidate, and hence the online test is the best tool that can help HR reduce his burden and also get the best candidate for the concerned position.

As there are many candidates for each job, HR does not find time to check various aspects of the candidate, and hence, there are some online tests designed by the experts. These tests can find these aspects of the candidate by asking them a few questions and offering a score for the right answer. The candidates who clear the test with the required benchmark can be taken forward for other rounds.

Remote Proctoring

Online examination is the future of the education system. Remote proctoring is interchanged with online proctor, online remote proctor, remote virtual proctor and virtual proctor.

As the examination is considered to be a sacred part of a student’s life, examiners have decided to secure it even in an online mode. This was when the need for remote proctors came to be recognized. You will get to know the various aspects of a remote proctor.

A Remote Proctor- What is it?

As you already know by now, that a remote proctor is interchanged with some other terms, let’s stand direct to the point, ‘what it means’. A remote proctor is a person who places an eye while taking an exam. Basically, two people are present in the same room. A remote proctor vigilantes the entire examination process from a remote location. The proctor is not physically available at the exam location but makes sure he is looking your entire personality through the web camera, VOIP (Voice Over IP) and computer monitoring technology.

The student who would be appearing exam through online mode and the proctor distantly present at another location is connected over a high speed internet connection. In some places, a remote proctor may act as a fully automated monitoring technology and may not be present physically. The remote proctor services include live proctor professionals who are able to monitor from a location different from the student. These two mediums are connected via “live” internet.

What are the different types of Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring can be broadly classified into 3 categories which can be emancipated in the following ways:-

Live online proctoring

You must be having a duration within which you have to complete the entire examination. Live online monitoring is applied during that period. When you would be giving your exam, you will be monitored by a live proctor. The discretion lies in the hands of a live proctor. He or she can dismiss the test if you are found to cheat or involved in suspicious activity. So, the live proctors are assigned as per screens. If the proctor is assigned with more number of screens then, he will be able to proctor less number of exams.

Recorded proctoring

Recorded proctoring as it sounds is contemplated in the same way. The data, images and everything related to the exam is recorded and saved for later to be reviewed by the proctor. Unlike the live proctoring this has a limit for the proctor to pay surveillance on each screen, here, the proctor conducts many exams simultaneously.

Automated advanced proctoring

This part of the proctoring involves software which conducts the proctoring of online exams. The proctor does not sit at a location to invigilate the entire exam; rather, the work is handed over to the software to perform the task. If the software finds any kind of fraudulent activities on the part of the student, makes a decision over.

Future of Remote Proctoring: Where is it going?

As many countries are under the supra benefit of artificial intelligence, remote proctoring or online proctoring is supporting the education system to maintain integrity in academics. Slowly and steadily, it is turning to be the staple food of multiple online courses.

According to the latest research made by the artificial agencies, proper tools are in process to incorporate machine analysis to the biometric response of students. Using the latest proctoring software, experts are yet to design smartwatches and fitness monitors, which would keep the pulse rate and temperature on record. In furtherance of it, these data would be transferred to the software for exact analysis.

Some interchangeability is to be made with the existing tools like keyboard analysis, facial recognition and sound recognition. These parameters are to be interchanged with typing rhythm, facial expression, and tone of voice, head position and head movement.

Role of Remote Proctoring on teaching and learning

The education system of today is levied with more theoretical combinations than the practical activities. But, as the remote proctoring is an excellent way to superintend the exams and protect its integrity, validates for online education. The teachers who are reluctant to teach online might get persuaded to teach as proctoring provides security in that sense.

Some faculty may even get invited by the technique to transfer some contents of the course to assessment based strategies, which can include video projects or team engagement and forum interaction.

Significance of Remote Proctoring

What you have learned, only that you must exhibit in your examination is a clear disclaimer by the institutions. The educational institutions are aware of the fact that students, though act to be super honest, may use the method of cheating to excel in the examination.

As, proctoring is a deterrent method to identify any kind of misconduct, the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 determines that proper scrutiny of student’s identification registering for the online course is highly needed. To achieve a goal where students would appear sacredly in online examination, remote proctoring is a time-honored instrument.


Remote proctoring is a multi-winged branch of online security and surveillance during the examination period. The future is all bright with its frequent advancement. You will get an honored certification, which is much needed in the period of global intelligence and competition.


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