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Ask Ziggy is the Siri like app available of Windows Phone. As we all knows that, Siri is the virtual assistant for the iPhone 4S in general IOS. Upon release, the version of the iPhone 4S, has caused a huge revolution for its curious answers, simple interface and rich functionality. Ask Ziggy tries to emulate much of this for users of Windows smartphone,and comes free from Windows Phone Market.

Thanks to Ask Ziggy app, So if you are a owner of the windows phone then you will no longer need to feel excluded just because you do not have the apple smartphone and your virtual assistant, but you can also use this application without having to pay anything for it, even with the slight disadvantage that it is still a beta version, so it is likely to contain bugs in allowable amount that will be corrected with the upcoming versions.

Keep in mind that Siri was part of a company in the beginning, later acquired by Apple, while Ziggy is a free initiative without the huge investments that could be a development of this type. However, Ask Ziggy does not have much to envy from time to Siri , for within the functions that can be performed using voice commands are:

  • Making phone calls.
  • Send text messages.
  • Update status of Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send an email to one of your contacts.
  • Perform mathematical operations.
  • Curious answer other questions.

The application can be configured to use voice male or female assistant. On the other hand we must bear in mind that Ask Ziggy application size is only 1 MB, and requires a Zune account for download. To make this app work, you need Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. You can see it working in this video .

Also if you are an android user then there are lot of virtual assistants available in the android market, like Slyvi or Vlingo.

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