How To Create An iOS App: Tips To Keep In Mind

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The steps to create an iOS app. They are practically the same as for any other mobile app project. The initial phase in which you have to define the idea of the app that you want to create. It is also convenient to create an initial mockup to have the app almost ready.


In the business phase, you must be clear about the business model you follow with your application. What is the purpose of the app? If what you want is to generate income, then you will have to define what technique or monetization techniques you will use. Define all this well before you start to develop.

Finally, the development and design phase is here. If necessary, get yourself specialized top app development companies in iOS development for the programming part. Remember that design is also an important part, especially for iPhone and iPad. In order to manage the app project, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced top app development company manage your project.

The phases of launch and promotion of the app. This is where you have to upload the applications to the stores. Make a good strategy of ASO to get positioned in the stores of applications. And remember to launch promotional campaigns in general and specialized media.

Create App iOS: iPhone vs iPad

Let’s do it! When you want to develop apps for iOS you must inform your top app development company to develop iPhone and iPad versions. Still, you must bear in mind that there are some small differences between creating apps for these two types of devices.

How to create an app for iPhone?

First, you focus on creating apps for iPhone. It is Apple’s flagship mobile device and you must pay attention to it. In a first approach, you should know perfectly that designing an iOS app will have some differences with respect to Android.

How to create an app for iPad?

When creating apps for tablets, such as the iPad range, you have to take into account the readability and resolution. The typography and images that you use for iPhone may not work for iPad.

iOS design becomes more relevant

Precisely in the line that was mentioned in the previous sections, the design becomes more important than ever when creating an iOS app. In a 2014 Apple design guide, the brand determined some tips to make a good iOS app design. Although some time has passed since the guide was launched, many of these tips are still valid:

The icon design

It is the first of your app that the user sees. In that sense, you should focus on creating an icon that stands out from the rest. Keep in mind that on Android all icons are embedded in a square with rounded edges. In short, do not use a photograph or too much text. Check that it is recognizable in all sizes, even if it has to be reduced. And above all, be creative when designing it.

Do not force the registration

There are applications that before starting to use them or give you some kind of information, they ask you for a very complete record. The idea is not to force the user’s registration. Or at least delay it as much as possible. You can offer registration through social networks like Facebook. Or even give a trial period before the user has to register.

Legibility and size of the elements

Both at the level of texts and icons or controls within the app. Remember that your app will be used both on an iPhone and on an iPad. IOS devices do not always have the same size. Try not to put texts with very small letters or buttons that cannot be clicked properly.

Actually, this advice can be useful for any app, even if you create apps for Android. But it is true that in iOS all the interaction is done inside the screen, there are no additional buttons like going back. Logic tells us that you must raise everything within the design of the screen.

Usability: Make sure your return buttons are descriptive

When designing the return buttons between the sections of the application, it prevents them from saying “Back”. It will be more efficient and usable for the user to put the name of the section to which you are going to return, for example, if you are in “Settings”, the return button could take you to “Profile”.

Usability: Do not go over with the interactions

That is, do not go over the functionalities linked to interaction gestures. It is best to avoid what is not ‘tap’ and ‘slide’ unless your iOS application is a game.

General feeling and branding

Remember to keep your brand image throughout the app. But do not abuse animations and promotion. Try to focus on the goal of the app and what users have to do within the app.

How to publish the app in the Apple Store?

Now touch the good. One of the main differences in launching an iOS app with an Android is that the rise phase to the stores is different.

1. Properly test the app

Before uploading to the app, check that there are no bugs or errors. Do not test it only in a simulator. Download it and try it on real devices. Both on iPhone and iPad. You can also use tools like Test flight to simplify this task in complex apps.

2. More than one screen

You should know that Apple rejects apps that are very simple. An app with a web view may be rejected by the store.

3. Avoid content with Copyright

It is one thing to use images licensed by your own company. You can do it but do not include resources such as images, logos, etc. That is under the copyright of other companies. For example Disney, Coca-Cola, etc. Apple may reject the app for this reason.

4. Prepare compatibility with other versions

If for example, you use APIs from a higher version of iOS, indicate the corresponding minimum version or use compatible classes. Especially if you use elements of newer versions of iOS 11 you will have to adapt them to make them compatible with iOS 10.

5. No betas or ‘lite’ versions

Apple will only validate final versions of the app; it does not want trial versions. Upload your app with the definitive name if you do not want it to be rejected.

6. Do not use third-party payment methods

If you want to sell through the app you cannot use third-party services. Apple specifies it in its terms and conditions. Sales within the app must go through Apple.

The intention of this article hopes that you optimize your iOS app and create it correctly to publish it in the Apple Store. Do you have more questions about how to create an iOS app? Do not hesitate to write in the comments or tell us your app project for a top app development company so you can get your iOS app running.


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