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The race is on for the presidential election of 2012. And the folks at New York Times have just made your political following life a little bit easier. Media outlets tend to saturate and overpower viewers with so much information. With a NYTimes  Election 2012 app release earlier this month, iPhones users will be able to keep up with every aspect of the race in a more simple way.

This app from NYTimes is free and easy to use, definitely a must download app of 2012. You can keep up with coverage on current news, polling data, candidate information and live election results. The app quickly updates you on the latest news developments from its main provider The Times and from other reliable sites such as: The Caucus Blog and FiveThirtyEight and other online sources.


The app is free to download and includes free access to the top six news stories; you can opt to buy a subscription to get full access to stories. According to iTunes you the app includes:

An all-new Top News section, specifically designed for following the 2012 election on your phone:

  • The section is anchored by The Times’s world-class political coverage but also includes content from around the Web, as chosen by Times editors.
  • News is grouped by topic for a quick overview of the day’s political headlines.
  • The latest stories are highlighted with a red dot so you can see what’s new at a glance.

The Election Guide includes:

  • A database of polling results from a variety of organizations
  • Candidate pages with updates, bios and statistics
  • A primary calendar with in-depth information on each state
  • Live election results

The app also offers timely videos and slide shows you can view during the election. You also have access to blogs, The Times’ Opinion Pages and other editorials. Whether you are rooting for the donkey or the elephant either way you will be able to follow the campaign trail in the palm of your hand. Now start reading and thinking, happy voting!

Download – NYTimes Election 2012


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