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When you think of online casinos, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If they are honest, most people would answer ‘gambling.’ That is, of course, not only honest but absolutely correct! Why even visit a casino, online or land-based unless you intend to wager a bit of cash? That’s what casinos are in business to do. The types of games you find at casinos are not spectator sports and, as a result, online casinos are often at a disadvantage when it comes to the gambling stigma associated with them.

Link building

If you own, direct or promote an online casino like the massive Stakers Casino, which is licensed in three different countries, you can benefit from link building advice to generate greater amounts of traffic. In other words, you are reaching out to a larger audience of gamblers interested in playing on your site.

Casinos are, after all, businesses seeking to turn a profit. So, how can you use reputable white hat link building strategies when you are already up against a preconceived notion of casinos in general? Here is some very important information you should understand.

Pay Careful Attention to the Google God

While we are talking about link building for casinos here, this is actually good advice for anyone promoting any kind of website whatsoever. Google has gotten their algorithms down to an exact science (of course, that’s what an algorithm is anyway!) in which they now rank sites based on core criteria they feel is important. Everything Google does is with the reader in mind, and so they rank sites, gambling or otherwise, based on key criteria you can find here.

However, what you are mostly concerned with is a link building strategy that will generate leads to your site, and in this industry, it can be difficult but not impossible. There are several things Google looks for, but there are two key points to keep in mind. The first is the content you have on your own site and the second is the amount of authority (rank) of the sites you will be posting your backlinks on. Let’s go on to look at that in a bit more depth.

Why a Gambling Site Could Benefit from a Blog

If you have a few free minutes, take the time to really look at some of the bigger commercial sites online. You will find that they all have one thing in common. They just don’t sell products; they provide their visitors with useful information. When it comes to a gambling website or an online casino, why not add a gaming or sports blog to give your visitors information on current pro teams, horse racing, global poker tournaments, and so forth.

The more information you provide for your visitors, the higher Google will rank you as an online casino site of authority. This is something most casinos neglect to offer their visitors. There is plenty you could blog about in the gaming or sports arenas, and anything informative you post on your own site will give you brownie points with the Google god. Think of it as leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Give Google a bite of something tasty, so they don’t forget to drop by often!

About Those Placement Sites for Backlinks

Now, after you’ve given your online casino that extra credibility with the search engines, it’s time to create posts that link directly to those other blog posts. Many high-ranking blogs and websites won’t accept links to casinos because of that stigma mentioned above, but they would almost certainly accept posts linking to informative and well-written blog posts.

Consider an online casino that offers live sports betting. A blog post could be about recent footballers who have been traded to other teams. It could be about favorites for upcoming championship games or players out with injuries. Anything news related would work on your site and those are the kinds of posts most sites would accept links to. While they may frown upon linking to a casino game or cash reward, they wouldn’t object to information on the players, horses, jockeys or trainers.

Beware of Keyword Stuffing

One final bit of advice when building links to your online casino to generate traffic would be a ‘black hat’ practice called keyword stuffing. For a bit of background on this highly questionable strategy, it’s all about search engine optimisation – SEO. Most marketers analyse keywords people are searching for and then find a list of those that have just the right amount of competition to be effective for any given site. Too much competition is just as bad as keywords no one is searching for.

In effect, they find a few of the best keywords that fit your online casino and then use them to build links to your site. However, some marketers go overboard and stuff every keyword they can find into a single 400 or 500-word article. Not only does it look contrived, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of consumers and search engines alike.

Do use competitive keywords but use them wisely – one or two per article is enough. Keep them relevant and link them to those informative pages detailed above.

What’s the Point of Link Building Anyway?

Finally, to sum it all up, it’s wise to remember that link building is one very useful way to drive traffic to your online casino in the hopes that visitors will like what they see, trust you as being an authority in the industry, and then have enough trust to open a deposit account.

The whole point of link building is to generate traffic so that it can be converted into players when they get to your online casino. That is why you want Google to love you.

Rank highly in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and you will realise more visitors than you ever dreamed possible. While there’s so much more to link building than this, you now have enough information to understand just how beneficial acceptable link building strategies can be for your casino.


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