Five Best CDN Services in 2018

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Content delivery network abbreviated as CDN is a system that consists of distributed servers. Its purpose is to deliver web content and other pages to the users on the different basis that can be according to the geographic location, the content delivery server, and the web page origination.


The most useful feature of Content Delivery Network is its speed in delivering of the content of websites even in the presence of heavy traffic. Along with that the faster delivery of content to the user also depends upon the geographical closure of the CDN server and the user. Another benefit of the content delivery network is that it protects from the surges that might be present in the traffic.

In CDN on the request of the website visitor, the response is given by the nearest server.  The pages of a website  are then copied by the CDN  to a network of servers that are dispersed and scattered on the geographical basis such as the users may have different locations etc. one of the parts of content delivery network is when any user requests a webpage as after it the task of the CDN starts, and it redirects the request of the user from the server of the originating site to the CDN that is closest to the user and then delivers the cached content. Another function of the content delivery network is that it also communicates with the originating server.

The way through which a user gets to know about the CDN being accessed is when the delivered URL and the URL that has been received are different. is one of the most managed hosting services. It has powerful servers, real-time monitoring, ongoing expert support and website acceleration.

The content delivery network is offering different services, but the following are the five best CDN Services in 2018:

1. Cloudflare

It is one of the most famous American content delivery services. Its most important feature is that it can be used easily and has expert level functions and features. Along with that, the setup of Cloudflare is very simple, and there is even no need to edit the code. It can simply be done by updating the DNS nameservers to use Cloudflare after which the visitor of the site gets the benefits of this service from their nearest location.

It is considered to be among the five best content delivery services of 2018 as it helps in blocking bots, keeps your data protected from hackers, limits content spam, or detects DDoS attacks. This then further improve its speed.

2. KeyCDN

It is yet another amazing content delivery service. It is both easy to use as well as powerful. It helps to satisfy the needs of the users. There are many functions that it can perform effectively. It can speed up the software delivery, CMS, advertisement, websites, and games. It is optimized, has powerful features and is a global network.

3. MetaCDN

It is a company that has cloud-based content delivery service. Along with the other features, it also has additional characteristics such as web accelerator, transcoding, and streaming video. Services such as Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Edgecast are offered by MetaCDN so that the user can have access to an integrated global network.  MetaCDN has you all covered in a way that it will help you whether you need basic content delivery or media encoding and streaming.

4. Fastly

In current times the content delivery networks have become extremely important so that the user’s data can be served and kept secured. With the help of fastly’s edge cloud platform, the server gets the power with the help of which it can respond to the needs of the user in real time.

The biggest advantage of edge cloud is that it is secure, programmable and instant. Video and streaming, and content delivery and optimization are yet some other important characteristics of fastly edge cloud platform. These are the things that make it one of the best CDN services in 2018.

5. StackPath

It is considered as one of the best CDN services in 2018 out of five. It is for the high-quality end-user experience. It has more than 2600 network providers and 28000 ASNs around the world.

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