LG Is Creating A Monster Smartphone With A Quad Core Processor

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The smartphones of today are basically becoming small laptops without a keyboard. The specifications of the LG X3 are not far from the specifications of recent laptops. LG stands for “Life Is Good” and it looks like it will be for those who buy this smartphone with the big screen and racing processor.

The LG X3 Has Super Powers

A few short years ago if a smartphone had a processor that ran 800 megahertz it was a “fast” handset. Now 1000 megahertz is considered “slow”. LG may now be guilty of overkill with this upcoming smartphone. It has not one, not two, but four processors rolled into one. The chip is made by Nvidia and is called “Kal-El”. That is the name of Superman when he lived on his home planet.

This is certainly a “super” chip for a smartphone. It also bears the name of “Tegra 3”. It actually has five cores, but the fifth core is used for standby and keeps the battery from working too hard. This means the LG X3 will be able to give the owner longer times between battery charges.

A Display Fit For A King

But the processor is not the only thing super about the LG X3 smartphone. It has a huge 4.7 inches of digital real estate to show. The resolution is way up there at 1280 by 720 pixels. That will put it just under the LG Optimus LTE, which has 329 pixels per inch ( PPI ) of clarity. For comparison, the iPhone 4S has 326 pixels per inch and the screen is very clear. The screen on the LG X3 will be perfect for those who need to see web pages without having to squint. It will also be perfect for gamers and for those who have learned to use a virtual keyboard.

Android Is The Platform Predicted For This Smartphone

The LG X3 smartphone is likely going to be equipped with the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich version for an operating system. LG has not yet taken the initiative to make an operating system for their own products. The other smartphone company in their country, Samsung, is planning on putting Tizen, a mobile operating system, into their smartphones. They have not made up their minds on this though. LG pays a fee to Microsoft for every Android smartphone they make.

How much is not known, but HTC coughs up $5 dollars to Microsoft for every smartphone they make with Android running on it. Look for the LG X3 to be on the market by the early Summer of this year.


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