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It is becoming less and less common now for a gamer to want to sit at home alone, playing a game without any interaction with others. Games are now more enjoyable when they are experienced with others, whether that is a single player or multi player game.

social media for gamers

Now social networks exist that can be used as the perfect platform for interactive gaming, and are constantly adding functionality to make it even more so. Online casino players can also now benefit from social interactions whilst playing due to the introduction of features within many casinos such as the chat room function, enabling discussions with others whilst playing slots.

It is however less common now to find a good social platform that is designed just for socially interactive gaming and now gamers are making use of generalized social platforms.


Twitch has almost single-handedly managed to revolutionize the online gaming landscape. It is simply a site that provides a platform for users to stream their gaming sessions in real-time for others to view, whether that be a video game or an online casino game.

Mainstream sites are already looking to take advantage of this new marketing platform by collaborating with popular streamers. Party Casino Gaming is a prime example, who sponsor Twitch Streamers to play on their slots platform. It has now become quite a phenomenon and has seen many players who stream their gameplay on the site build up the very large following; which they are now able to make very decent amounts of money from, as a result.

Every stream on Twitch has a chat function beside it, which then means fans can converse with each other whilst watching a stream of the game being played.


Reddit is to simplify a hub of independent sub-communities, which are known as ‘subreddits’.  Anyone on the site can create a subreddit and it is a great place for gaming social interaction. You will find subreddits on practically every single game in existence and if there isn’t the one you can just create one.

By participating in these chats on games and reading the content you can just chat about your favorite games, pick up new tips or even just read some reviews before deciding on the purchase of a new game.

You can share your experiences of gaming every single day with others and see how that matches up, enabling gamers to socialize and learn from each other. Reddit means you can interact with thousands and in some cases millions of other gamers that are playing the same titles as you.


The Discord app is a voice, text, and video chat tool all in one and anyone can create a server within the app. Each server has the ability then to have as many chat channels as the owner chooses. Text channels within Discord are just like chatrooms and the voice channels are similar to old apps such as Ventrilo.

It’s a great way for gamers to become part of a community, as most games will have at the minimum one server on Discord now. You can find other gamers with the same interests and discuss your favorite games and share tips. Some of the larger Discord servers also use the bots available within the app that have additional social features, such as levels, badges, polls, video embedding, and much more.


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