Disk Drill: Recover Deleted Files with Free Undelete Software on Windows 7/8/10

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Vishal Gaikar

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On March 2, 2018
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With the help of Disk Drill free software anyone can easily perform advanced file recovery on all of your connected devices and files

Many a times, you might have felt a need to undo the operations on your Windows PC/laptop especially when you emptied the Recycle Bin. Often, we delete a few files mistakenly and later realize that we actually need them.


We feel dejected on our inability to recover those files after deletion. No problem! Disk Drill has emerged as a powerful solution for the recovery of deleted files. You can undelete files on Windows using the Disk Drill software. Let us explore more about this tool and get to know its features.

Disk Drill – A Brief

Disk Drill is the ultimate solution to all your problems. No matter if you haven’t backed up the copies of the deleted files and your Recycle Bin is empty, the Disk Drill undeleting software provides you good chances of getting the data back. A user can easily restore deleted files on Windows using this awesome software.

The Windows System works in such a way that even if the files were deleted and are not accessible anymore, they are still somewhere in the Windows system. These files remain in the system until they are totally overwritten. So, it becomes important to stop using the storage till you have attempted the file restoration process using this undelete software.

The restoration methods offered by Disk Drill are versatile and powerful. A user can easily be benefitted from the Quick & Deep Scans, Catalog Rebuild, Lost Partition Scans, and more. If you were wondering how to restore the deleted files for free on Windows, Disk Drill is the free software to be used. The software is available in 150+ countries and has been downloaded on 10million devices so far.

How Disk Drill Works?

Disk Drill is powerful software to undelete files on Windows. It is easy to operate the software once it has been installed on your device.

  • After you have installed the software on your device, launch it.
  • Disk Drill lists down the available drives on your system.
  • Locate the drive where the data has been lost.
  • Press the ‘Recover’ button to proceed with the scan.
  • The scan process might take time according to size of the target drive. Disk Drill runs a few algorithms and make efforts to recover the deleted files
  • After the scan is complete, filter and review the recoverable files.
  • Select the files you want to recover and press the ‘recover’ button again. The files will be restored to the destination folder specified by you.

It is recommended to use an extra drive for the secure restoration of the files, though Disk Drill never restricts you to recover the data on the same drive. But you should remember that if the deleted files were pushed out from the file tables stack, Quick Scan will not pick them up for restoration. Disk Drill then enables the ‘Deep Scan’ to reconstruct the deleted file according to its digital structure.

Disk Drill Image 1

Disk Drill supports 300+ file formats and the new ones are added to the database with each new update. Moreover, this software provides free undelete on Windows 10/8/7 and is open to recovery of files having custom formats.


Initially, Disk Drill is available for free. But, you can recover only 500MB data using its free version. To recover larger data chunks, you need to go for the premium version of this software. The Pro version of this software can be availed at $89 and can be used by 1 user in 3 computers. It Enterprise plan can be availed at $399 and supports unlimited users.

The Bottom Line

Disk Drill is the best software to undelete files Windows 7/8/10. A user simply needs to run the software and Disk Drill knows its job. Even the files deleted long back could be recovered if they are not overwritten. Try this software now!

With the help of Disk Drill free software anyone can easily perform advanced file recovery on all of your connected devices and files

Vishal Gaikar

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