How Network Monitoring Can Help Your Business Avoid Mishaps

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Network monitoring is a type of software that will constantly scan your system for any faults or issues. If there’s building traffic that is making the servers burst at the seams, it alerts you. If there are bottlenecks or security threats, it will alert you. Network monitoring’s aim is to help you avoid mishaps and issues before they even impact your business.


Understanding the Issue

If the network is running slowly or programs are starting to crash, it seems easy to tell IT to fix it. That’s because most workers don’t realize the myriad of issues that can cause a network to experience problems. Not only that, but each issue has its own solution.

For example, if there is too much traffic, then resources can be allocated to allowing more traffic, or the traffic can be restricted to lighten the load. If there is a virus or security attack, then the IT team can use the proper software and techniques to stop it dead in its tracks. Network monitoring ensures that the problem is properly identified and dealt with before it causes too much harm.

Live Data and Updates

Most users will know when there is a network issue. They will see their programs slowing down and other obvious issues. While this will tell IT that something is going on, network monitoring can alert them far in advance of these problems.

That’s because this software delivers live updates showing where traffic is building and projecting where problems may arise. It will also show where bottlenecks are occurring so that data can be properly routed to improve performance.

While this may sound complicated, IP Switch’s service is network monitoring made easy. Their interface is easy for IT workers to read, and issues can be properly located and eliminated in real time.

Justify Equipment Upgrades

IT is usually the first to request equipment upgrades, but management is often reluctant due to the extra cost. Management will see that the system is running fine, despite a few issues here and there. It can be difficult to convince them until there’s an obvious issue with the network. This can lead to many problems, but network monitoring can even offer a solution with this.

Managers like information that they can look at, and often IT statistics seems arcane. Network monitoring will show how consistent certain issues are, where they are occurring and why they keep coming up. This may show that an old server simply can’t handle traffic anymore, or that new hardware is required to meet new traffic requirements. This will make the job of upgrading equipment easier both on IT and management.

Analyze and Arrange Assets

Your business has many assets in its network. There are computers, servers, routers, wires and so much more. All of these contribute to your network’s health and power. While the current arrangement of assets might be serving the network well enough right now, network monitoring can analyze these assets to see if there is a better arrangement.

For example, say there’s a new server that is overworked, but a few older servers in another area that aren’t being used to full capacity. Moving one of those older servers can balance out data rates and ensure that the new server works as long as possible.


Network monitoring has become essential to IT teams. Not only does it show where problems occur, but it also helps IT teams correct problems before they happen while also aiding in the upgrading and arrangement of assets. If you want to make the most of your network, then monitoring software is a necessity.


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