The great debate : Apple Mac or Windows PC

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Generally, within industries when there is heavy reliance on the performance of computers, such as digital marketing or IT communications, there is a fairly even divide between PC’s and Mac‘s.

Most commonly people choose to go with a Mac or a PC because of personal preference, or because of the desirability of the Apple brand, not because of the functionality or performance of the computer.

Apple Mac

The main feature of a Mac is the attractive, fast and usable user interface, as well as the exclusivity of the Apple brand. Apple pc’s also now feature the Apple Mac App Store, which allows users to download free or paid apps in the same way as the iPad or iPhone.

The main disadvantage of using a Mac is the incompatibility, with some software packages only available for Windows.

Windows’s PC

For most, the Windows operating system id just ‘the norm’ featuring a very similar user interface to when it was first launched many years ago. The familiarity and simplicity of Windows has been the main reason for people remaining so loyal.

Window’s PC‘s are compatible with the majority of the same programmes as Apple Mac’s, but in addition to thousands of others.

In conclusion, I would say that Apple Mac are always going to have a good offering because of their branding, but at the same time I think it’s important to have the compatibility of Windows.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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