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We all love to watch videos and listen to our favorite songs online. It is one of the most common sources of entertainment for people all across the globe. But the major problem which almost every user faces is that they cannot always stream videos or songs.


Limited data connections and slow speeds generally force users to download their favorite content so that they can watch or listen to it anytime they want without even requiring an internet connection.  They are unable to download from sites like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion etc.

But with the advancement in technology, there is solution to this problem as well.  Now there are many softwares through which you can download any source of media from any site you like. One such famous tool is the InsTube. The users can download videos/songs from various websites through this tool. Let us know a bit more about this tool and its features in the InsTube review.

About InsTube

InsTube has recently emerged as a top video and music downloader app. It is available on Android platform. Through this, the users can download their favorite songs and videos from 25 websites including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. All that the user needs to do is to download and install the app and then download their favorite media without even having to register.

Besides this, the users can also use the video locker option through which they can create private storage space on their smartphone and secure their personal data as well. The videos can be converted into MP3 as well. Also, you can protect the videos with a password. The formats such as 3GP, MP3, MP4, and M4A are supported.

Top Notch Features of InsTube

InsTube is available for free on Google PlayStore. It has massed millions of download in just a short span of time. It has become one of the best downloaders. Let us see its features.

Support for 25 Music & Video Websites

This amazing tool supports a large number of websites. One can easily download videos and songs from websites such as SoundCloud, AOL, Facebook and YouTube. 25 other websites are also supported.

Free of Cost

Unlike most other similar tools, InsTube music and video downloader is available for free.  You can visit its official website or download it from the Google Play Store on your smartphone/tablet. Then you can download your favorite songs and videos without having to pay anything extra.

Video Locker Functionality

With InsTube, your videos are safe, secure and protected. It has a video locker function through which you can create a private location on your Android device to save videos. Besides this, you can also lock the videos with a password to provide extra security cover.

Fast Video Download Speed

InsTube provides fast download speeds. Just as the user enters the URL, the media gets downloaded within seconds. This is all due to the optimized download speed which comes along with the InsTube downloader.

Supports Different Formats

InsTube supports almost all types of video formats. These include MP3, MP4, M4A as well as 3GP. It also supports a highest video resolution up to 1280 pixels.

The Last Words

To conclude, we can say that InsTube is an amazing video and music downloader tool. It helps the users in downloading their favorite video or songs from about 25 different websites. Its amazing reviews also speak about its quality. You will love to have it, so if you haven’t downloaded it till yet, then go ahead and download soon.


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