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Google announced some changes to the Gmail interface. The new Gmail tabbed user interface or Gmail inbox with tabbed interface is here. Clearly, the messages you receive on the Gmail will automatically be assigned to one of the tabs in the new inbox.


Google offers five tabs as you can see above messages from the inbox. Basically, Google will automatically send your email to the right tabs. If you notice that some messages are not classified in the right tabs, you can simply drag and drop that mail or message into the tab of your choice and from next time same kind of mails will land directly into that tab.

Here are five tabs that Gmail offers:

Primary :  Here you will find your important messages, conversations with friends, colleagues and partners. It is possible to include in this tab, the messages that you have added a monitoring indicator. This tab will basically include all person to person conversations.

Social : This tab will include messages from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. Dating sites and social media sharing are also associated with this tab.

Promotions : As its name suggests, it will be listed here as promotional emails, advertising, coupons and other stuff like that.

Updates : This option seems to be quite interesting. It should provide you with purchase confirmations, receipts, invoices and statements. I guess flights confirmations and hotel reservations should appear here.

Forums : This tab will have messages from discussion groups, forums and mailing list to which you subscribe.

How to enable the new Gmail inbox with tabbed interface

1. Login to Gmail

2. Click on Settings icon from the top right side of the Gmail interface.

3. Click on the Configure Inbox

4. Then a pop up will appear by saying – Select tabs to enable. Select the tabs you want to enable for your new Gmail tabbed interface from above 5 options. Click on Save button.


5.  A pop up will appear which will provide you more information about the new Gmail interface. Select the Okay, got it button to continue to the email inbox and see the new tabbed setup.


When you configure the Inbox, you can select to enable the tabs of your choice. Obviously, if this new way to organize your mails you do not like, at any time, you can return to the classic version. However, it is impossible to create new tabs or rename.

Mobile devices are also entitled to an upgrade that will include the new mailboxes. In the Gmail for Android and Gmail app for iPhone and iPad, you’ll see your Primary mail when you open the app and you can easily navigate to the other tabs.


This is not the first time that Gmail offers a system that can better classify messages. A few years ago, we were entitled to priority inbox and automatic labels. What is proposed now focus especially those who do not use filters, labels, the priority inbox and other features for classifying Gmail.


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