5 Creative Ways to Improve your Rummy Game

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Among card games, rummy seems to enjoy great popularity with the people. It’s a family game where all the family members come together and play the rummy game. With many websites offering online rummy games, the number of players has increased too endorsing to its growing popularity.

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The game may be easy to learn but it is not simple to master it. Forming of fixed patterns like sequences and sets with odd number of cards makes the game very intriguing and challenging too.

The game requires keen analytical skills and reasoning ability. As a good rummy player you need to exhibit great patience, keen observation of your opponent’s play and nurture quick decision making ability in order to come up a winning strategy.

Here are 5 creative ways to help you improve your game.

#1: Play the game online

Practice makes you perfect. The more you play rummy, the more your game improves. Today, there are innumerable sites on rummy games with free games to play and improve your skill level.

Another positive aspect of indian rummy games is they are time bound, which makes it very challenging. It pushes you to take quick decisions and make quick moves.

#2: Play with new players

The fun of the game enhances when you play with different players. Each player has his own style and his own winning strategy. In rummy game too, when you play with different players you not only get to learn from them but your true skill is put to test.

When you play online you will be literally playing with players from across the globe. Your learning horizons increase and so does your game eventually.

#3: Play other variations of rummy

Normally, when it comes to food we go on a culinary trip to experience different flavors. With rummy game too, never stick to playing just one variation of rummy. Each variation has its own set of rules and their results. As you play other variations your expertise in handling cards, forming their sequences and understanding your opponents’ moves gets enriched.

There are several popular variations of rummy like the Gin rummy, Indian rummy, Kalooki rummy or 500 rummy to name a few.

#4: At times play for real cash

This may sound really offbeat if you are pursuing rummy purely for fun. But if you sincerely intend to master the game, perhaps the best way is to play for real cash at times. That’s when you get to play with experts and pros who know their game like the back of their hand. The sole purpose of their playing is to win the rummy game and nothing else.

When you are playing for real cash, set yourself a limit and should know when to wrap up.

#5: Connect with rummy forums and communities

There is a huge online community of rummy players where you could connect with other players, discuss the game with them, learn new tips and tricks, interact with experts and thereby improve your rummy game.

Let’s get started

If you wish to excel in the rummy game, the process of learning is more important than the purpose behind its playing.


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