How to Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files?

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We all have accidentally deleted files which we never wanted to lose. However, Windows provided a second option where one can simply go to their recycle bins and restore the mistakenly deleted files. But in case the recycle bin is wiped out too, there is no other respite for users. The important files are forever gone and you can’t have them back.


This is far from the truth and there are many ways to get your files back even if they are deleted from your system completely including the recycle bin. Let’s see the methods which you can use to recover your deleted recycle bin files.

Data Recovery Software

Using free data recovery software is probably the best way to get your deleted files back. They are reliable and can recover your files by keeping the data in them intact. Even the process of getting your files back is quite easy through this modern software which is built to keep the user experience top notch.

Even the recovery is done in a manner where no file is lost or mixed up with each other. Moreover, since the data recovery software free  version is available, you can use them without even worrying about the cost incurred. But you need to ensure that you are using good recovery software and not any random software which is malicious in nature and can harm more than it can benefit.

Restore Previous Versions

Windows 7 came up with a feature where one can simply restore previous versions of any file you want. The process is extremely simple, at first make sure that you are logged in from the admin user id or the account you are using has all the privileges.

Then, you can simply right click on any folder you would like to recover the files from. In most versions of the operating system since Windows 7, this feature is given inbuilt and no additional software is required to carry it out. However, sometimes users may not see this option and hence this can’t be a completely reliable method of recovering your files.

System Protection Settings

Another method to recover your files back is through the system protection settings. You can head to the control panel on your computer and turn on the system protection. All the drivers on your computer would now be protected. You can choose a particular drive and then click to configure.

There will now be an option to “restore system settings and previous version of files”. After doing this, you will see an option where you can easily restore the file which has been accidentally deleted.
However, the drawback of this method is that you would need to keep the system protection on beforehand or else it wouldn’t be useful.

The Bottom Line

With these simple and easy to follow methods, you can recover your deleted recycle bin files in a hassle free manner. Though the recovery software is the most reliable and quick solution, you can choose any of the other methods to get your deleted files back.


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