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Advertising has gained new meanings and new perspectives altogether with the leap in the technological advancement. Among the several new forms of advertisements used to target the customers is the On-site display advertising. This is the trendiest and the most creative method used by the bloggers to make money with their sites. This form of advertising is a great way to monetize both the audience and the content and also offer value in the process.


The display advertising is an effective method to make money with the traffic on your site, particularly for high traffic sites that deal in entertainment or general content. For instance, sites like or celebrity gossip blogs have several millions visitors on their sites daily but they are not the direct target audience.

Adsterra Network is an advertisement network with a basic aim of serving similar advertisements across the wide network of their partner sites. It is a performance based network that uses technology and smart targeting to show the advertisements to their audience that relate best with them, depending on the factors like their geographic location and advertising results recorded previously. The advertising results depend on what people click and what finally converts.

Adsterra, not only has its technology and smart targeting in place but it also works well in coordination with their site partners with the aim of increasing revenue. It offers different ad formats that include banners, pushups, interstitial ads, pop-unders and a number of mobile ads as well.

Amazing Features of Adsterra network

Following are some of the most amazing features of Adsterra network that help both the advertisers and the publishers equally to achieve their goals:

Get a dedicated account manager

The users of the network get a personal and dedicated account manager that helps them to optimize their campaigns and also keeps them updated with all the latest buzz.

Monitors the security

Since the Adsterra ad network is a technology-enabled platform, it uses a fraud detection system that will monitor the security of all the ad campaigns automatically.

Get Real-time statistics

The users of the ad network get a chance to track their personal performance in real-time. They get an instant access to the detailed statistics of the campaigns and their success.

Choose your conversion plan

The user can choose a best-fitting plan in order to target both the mobile as well as the desktop traffic for a high conversion. They can choose the best payment model from CPL, CPA, CPM, CPO, CPI or PPI.

Some of the popular companies like Ali Express, Jabong, Jumia and various others are advertising on the Adsterra ad network, which means the publishers can expect great returns from the deal.

The popular Adsterra ad formats

While Adsterra allows its users to monetize both the mobile and desktop traffic, the advertisers, on the other hand, benefit from different devices and also the ad sizes.

Following are some of the popular ad formats provided to the publishers and the advertisers by Adsterra, they are available separately for the desktop and also the mobile traffic.

  1. Leader Board: The usual size for this ad format is 728*90 and is placed in the header itself, right after the logo. Though it does not get too many clicks but it serves a good purpose of branding.
  2. Rectangle: This is the most classic form of ad format which is perfect and can be placed anywhere on the web page where there is space.
  3. Skyscraper: This ad format is popularly placed in the side bar and is a good format to get a good number of clicks.
  4. Pop-under: This kind of advertisements work out the best in the cases where the users have a viral traffic.
  5. Video Banners: The video banners are based on the CPM model and can be integrated easily to any placement of publisher.
  6. Direct Links: This ad format is a sub type of Pop-under and this does not require creating any banner or promo material. It just has a link that is placed on any of the placement of the publisher like texts, videos, banners etc.

The Adsterra ad network gets you only the best! This helps the user to connect only to the traffic that can be converted while also giving him the option to focus on the traffic that he needs. This will depend on a number of factors like the geography and language, the type of browser, the devices used or the vendors, using advanced mobility, the type of operating systems and also as per the list of specific keywords.

There are also a number of plans that are available so the user can choose to advertise as per his needs and requirements. The ad network also provides some great features for the publishers as well.  Adsterra has emerged as an exclusive advertising and monetization platform for advertisers and publishers respectively.

The different ad formats available let both of them to get better results from the traffic if the campaigns and ads are optimized perfectly. If you’re a publisher, you can start monetizing your website with Adsterra or if you’re an Advertiser, you can start Advertising with Adsterra.


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