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WordPress has been at the zenith among all the blogging platforms and CMS i.e. Content Management System. The huge stock of WordPress Plugins and themes have always contributed to my success. The most amazing thing is innumerable functionalities that are provided by the plugins for my WordPress blogs and websites.


Since there are thousands of WordPress Plugins present in WordPress so picking up the right ones seemed to be a tough job for me. Here are my top ten picks that I found after a well research which can be of great help to you if you are also toiling hard like me in order to make the right choices of WordPress Plugins during your severel works.

1. WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is used for selecting and using keywords during SEO content writing. It is a proven fact that WordPress on technical terms is a good platform for SEO. WordPress SEO enforces choosing and use of keywords that should be focused when you are writing any content.

With WordPress SEO you would be guided to write appropriate and better content as well. Even if the title is too long or too short the meta descriptions makes sense in the context of the result searched. This plugin not only improves the ranking of your website, but also increases clicks through the organic searches.

The Linked Page analysis function of WordPress SEO plugins checks those nity-grity things which I forget most of the times. After analyzing the content it checks whether the keywords are tagged or not and images relevant to the content are there or not. The plugin would also enable you to write meta titles and descriptions for all categories, tag and custom taxonomies archives, giving the option to further optimize those pages when needed.

Other important things which are looked after are; Meta and Link Elements, XML Site-maps, RSS Optimization, Breadcrumbs, Social Integration, Multi-site compatible, Import-Export functionality, and many more. All these things are undoubtedly very important.

2. Simple URLs

Simple URLs is a module which is used to look after everything and anything regarding the URLs. It is the sole management system for your URLs. It is responsible for everything right from creating, and managing them to tracking the outbound links from the site by using the custom post types and the 301 directs.

It would also keep a record of your clicks by keeping a custom field on that custom post type. It is also responsible for avoiding the page based redirects which is currently the most widely used technique for masking the affiliated links and thus keeping the performance way above the optimum level.

3. Internal Links of RB

It implements the most easiest ways to link my post and pages to the blog. The short code for the plugin lies within the post itself with automatically converts to the current permalink for rendering the post on the page.

If you wish to change the link structure then there is no need to go back and edit the internal links. You can use the user interface to search the blog posts. This plugin is quite important as I found it.

4. Light-box Plus and Next-Gen Gallery

These two plugins are clenched into one entry as a result they work hand-in-hand. Light-box uses Color-box – a lightweight jQuery image gallery script that is the friendliest for performance and does not cause any hindrance on my on-page SEO.

Maghough Light-box is enclosed as a possibility inside Next-Gen itself, Light-box offers plenty additional choices for the looks and behavior of Light-box’s execution. Next-Gen as a plugin is all you wish once it involves the management of the image gallery.

5. Widget Logic plugin

This plugin works precisely with the other widgets and I found this very helpful. After being installed in the systems an extra option is added into each of the per-installed widget which would-enable you to specify which widget should appear where and where not. This gives the user sole control over the appearance of the content in various sections of the website.

6. Members plugin

This plugin is responsible for adding the flexibility to the editing the roles of the existing users. It would also enable you to append additional roles to other users. Many easy to use widgets would come hand in hand with this plugin.

7. Google Libraries

This plugin is indeed very simple that can be considered as the substitute of JavaScript libraries which are called on the server with Google’s own CDN. This would save a lot of bandwidth and continues using the compressed versions of the script.

8. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is used for controlling the CSS, scripts and HTML etc. As par my view, W3 Total Cache is the most comprehensive cache plugin which is available. Right from combining the minification for CSS and JS to HTML line-break, everything is handled by this plugin. Other things looked after are content removal, disk caching, browser caching and many more.

9. Gravity Forms

If I am asked to choose the best plugin available, then I shall definitely choose the Gravity Forms, though it is a paid one and is a must after WordPress is installed. This plugin manages all generations from basic contact forms to complete content management.

10. Twitter Feed Pro

This plugin outputs a twitter feed based on the no of settings using the short code. You need to buy this as this is also a paid one. You can always get latest tweets or someone else’s, view replies and public mentions, view favorites of any user-name or search any term or hash-tag. This plugin is compatible with Twitter API v1.1.


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