Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones Review

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For someone who is always on the move or working out at the gym, listening to music can be your best companion. You will need to find the best Bluetooth headphones that make it to be tangle free and still deliver on the best sound.


No more searching as you found these headphones here. The Phaiser BHS-730 headphones have many great features for you. Check out the review below.

The sound

The sound coming from the headphones is something that can make a person take on choosing the model or not. For this model, you are in luck as it comes equipped with 8 millimeter speakers with additional Bluetooth 4.1 technology.  It is possible for you to experience high definition sound whenever using such type of model. The construction of the model boasts of having accuracy for the highs, mids and lows too.

On overall, the incorporated transducers and hardware work together to generate an excellent sound quality. You still get A2DP stereo important for more powerful and stronger bass.

The chance of listening to music over Bluetooth is something that can make people skeptical about choosing the model. The good thing is that the sound does not get distorted whenever you listen to the headphones through Bluetooth.

Headphone design

The design is all about durability, comfort and usability. The design features a model that excels at durability thanks to the Liquipel nano-coating technology. The technology is what makes the model to be sweat proof and durable. You will get to use the model more often without worrying about it easily getting damaged.

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

Well, it is sweatproof and not waterproof. It is possible that you might find some users taking them for a swim. This will definitely destroy them.

Aluminum alloy material used for making the earbuds keeps them more durable and usable for various scenarios that people might have in mind. The magnetic housing makes it easy to transport by having the earbuds around the neck.

Comfort and fitting

How the headphones fit into the ears is going to always affect who is going to buy such type of headphones. The BHS-730 model comes with a unique design that might look different to some people. The good part is that it they always fit great into your ears each time you are using them.


The patented winged earphones are designed to stay snug even when you are doing vigorous activities such as working out. The next time you are at a gym, you do not have to be bored, but rather enjoy working out and listening to music at the same time.

The model is still designed to be sweatproof, so whenever working out, do not worry that the sweat will get into them and get them not working.


The durability is something that can get interesting for some people. You would want affordable models that are still durable. On unboxing these headphones, you will quickly discover that they come with the right amount of durability for handling the various scenarios of where you would be using them.

Each of the earbud is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy material. The results are that you end up having a sturdy and strong feel without compromising on the weight. Most users can agree that the model seems to hold up well even with constant use.

Battery life

Since it is a Bluetooth device, one thing that comes to the buyer’s mind would be the battery life of the model. You will need to know how long you have before there is the need to recharge again.

When operating it on a full charge, it should last you an average of 6 hours with continuous playback. Such an amount of hours should be enough to listen to your favorite jams with ease and recharge only when needed.

Additional uses

As part of listening to the headphones, you can still take calls from your phone without taking off the headphones. You simply have to press the call button and you can start talking to the caller. With the integrated microphone, such calls are made to be clear with no distortions.


  • It offers strong bass
  • It has a clear sound
  • It is made to sweatproof
  • It is a durable model
  • It has comfy ear tips


  • Replacement tips might make users feel uncomfortable
  • The battery life could be improved
  • The Bluetooth has a short range


The model features a couple of impressive features that could provide you with the best performances each time. Most people who have owned the model agree that it is all worth the money they have paid for it.

The new Bluetooth version seems to be important when it comes to the performance of the model. It will deliver clear sounds with no distortions. You can enjoy all this by buying the model today.


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