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Now you can directly send SMS to your friends, clients via Microsoft Excel sheet using My SMS Mantra.Mysmsmantra SMS plug-in for Microsoft Excel is ideal for direct marketing applications.

Just import your data into Microsoft Excel, set up an SMS message template and we will do the rest! The SMS plug-in will add the message to each of the mobile phone numbers in the list and send each of them the same text message.


  • Single and Bulk Text Messaging
  • Bulk SMS directly from Excel with customizable speed & sender id.
  • Developer API(You can integrate SMS Solution with your software and can be automated)
  • Grouping Functionality
  • Single click SMS delivery to thousands of numbers.

It allows you to contact large numbers of people in seconds. SMS plug-in for Excel is the easiest way to send out bulk SMS messages from a desktop application which most staff will likely be familiar with and have installed on their desktop PC’s.

SMS-Excel Plugin seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel and enables you to send SMS to mobile phones all over india from your PC using Microsoft Excel. You need Microsoft .NET Framework to install this software.


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