Marketing Automation Tools – Which One to Choose?

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You arrived at a stage in which you are aware of the importance of marketing solution automation, but in front of these various tools, their features and their specifications, it is hard to choose the one which will suit you best in your business model while answering the operational needs for your team.


But, one thing’s for sure – by implanting marketing solution automation, you have the certainty to increase the collaboration between your sales teams and marketing. That’s why we made a little comparison of the marketing solutions automation which are the most used on the market according to the following criteria: the cost of setting-up, the integration with the solutions CRM, the ease of use.


Established in 2007, Marketo counts more than 2,000 customers in 35 countries. Just like his competitors, Marketo offers a marketing platform automation allowing its customers to manage leads of quality and to convert them in customers (Lead Nurturing).

It is perhaps the best known marketing automation tool, and for good reason. It’s one of the most mature tools, with a full suite of features that not only help marketers manage email campaigns, but also provide excellent tools for sales teams. It is great for incorporating various apps such as Paddy Power Android App  which specifically enables you to have great bonuses when playing online gambling games.

Positive points:

  • Becomes integrated easily with the great majority of the solutions CRM.
  • Interface easy and pleasant to use.
  • Marketing Team capable of supporting (bearing) his customers at the highest level.
  • Gives access to several features
  • SEO allowing to analyze your web site and your pages of landings: Landing Pages.

Negative points

● Does not offer support in the inbound marketing process.
● Price too high, inaccessible platform in small companies.
● The support and the training are not offered free of charge.

2. Hubspot

Established in 2006, HubSpot counts more than 16 000 customers in more 90 countries. HubSpot offers customers an impressive number of contents through white papers, inescapable sound blog, and even a training program dedicated to inbound marketing, which offers marketing administrators all the necessary support in their marketing strategy.

Positive points

  • Gives access to the complete contents to manage marketing strategy better.
  • Supports throughout the process Inbound and the marketing contents.
  • Easy to use.

Negative points

  • The basic price is $200 a month, limits the number of contacts to 1000 and does not give access to several features
  • The platform becomes too expensive especially when you have several databases: for $800 a month you have a maximum of 1000 contacts and it is necessary to pay $60 more for every thousand additional contacts.
  • The supplied models of Landing Pages are not easy to personalize.

3. Eloqua

Established in 1999, Eloqua was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Tool of marketing automation intended essentially for companies BtoB, allows to assure a better follow-up of your leads and to improve your strategy of Lead Nurturing. Besides the complexity of the platform, Oracle provides with different user tools and resources of training and consultation.

Positive points

  • Eloqua is a very good tool for the management, the follow-up, and the qualification of new leads through the massive sending of e-mails.
  • Very good tool to be used in a BtoB context.
  • Wide possibilities of integration with the solutions CRM.

Negative points

  • Does not give access to the data onto the behaviour of the Internet users, such as pages visited by the Web site and the pages consulted.
  • The tool limits only to execute the tasks and to analyze the multi-channel campaigns
  • Absence of integration of campaigns Adwords.
  • Poor choice of the complex features, which returns the less flexible and inaccessible platform to the less technical marketing administrators, which then has a negative impact on the ROI.

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