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Once upon a time, it was someone’s role and responsibility to copy content from PDF to Word. Before the PDF converter made its debut, employees had a job to copy paragraphs and lines from PDFs to Word document.


Adobe is the first company that brought in PDF technology to the market, and since then more than 250 million documents are roaming around on the web. However, nowadays there are numerous PDF converters that provide users with the best PDF solutions. Although in terms of reading and sharing, PDF has been a great hit yet it poses little inconveniences when it comes to editing.

To curb the inconveniences, PDF convertor can be used as it is one of the most convenient tools dominating the technological market today.

Now, when you know about the uses of a PDF convertor, next comes the ways to choose the best PDF converter, which can be used to the fullest for conversion. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the most efficient and reliable PDF converter

Pricing factor

Prices do differ. For example, an Adobe Acrobat costs more than its other counterparts, like soda software. Similarly, if you research more you will be able to know that there are many free software programs in the market, but you must pay attention to their features and privacy policies before buying them.

The purpose of use

If you need to convert a single PDF file to Word, don’t worry much. You can easily do the job using any free online converter. But if you need to convert some heavy documents that will last for a long period of time, you should probably rely on only the best PDF software solutions such as Soda software.


Time needs to be saved as it is valuable and priceless. You won’t like to spend hours in front of the computer fidgeting what to do and what not to do. For user’s benefits, the software developed should be extremely easy to use and must exude user-friendliness. If the PDF converter is not user-friendly, users can be frustrated.

High-quality output

Many users use a PDF converter mainly to convert their PDF files into Word, hence the quality aspect need to be given maximum attention. Who wants a Word file with overlapped texts, weird tables, and boxes, So, you should look for a PDF converter that can exactly convert your PDF file into the Word, without altering any texts, tables, graphics, charts and hyperlinks.

Safety and reliability

There are some unreliable PDF converters that you should not use to convert your files because they are not secured. For instance, most of the PDF converters that are free to use are not really secured or reliable. On the other hand, some PDF converters have advanced features that makes it easy to use and effectively faster. They are efficient, safe and reliable. You can easily download them to your desktop and use even when you are not connected to the internet.

With efficient and effective PDF converter, you will no longer be asked to type a whole paragraph from PDF to a word document. PDF converters are great in terms of use, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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