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Individuals who have been using WordPress know the importance and distinct benefits of WordPress plugins. In today’s time, WordPress has covered approx 25% of the market share all across the globe. This simply means that more than 25% of the websites are powered by WordPress these days.

A WordPress plugin is basically a coded structure that is implemented in the system to ease content management. These plugins allow the webmasters in optimizing the system so that they can do whatever they wish to.

These days, the market is filled with an array of WordPress plugins both free and premium. Some plugins are universal in nature as it turns out to be highly beneficial for several WordPress users. Though there are a huge range of free WordPress plugins available in the market, still people are opting to pay for their plugins and go for premium one in order to have a unique website and excel from others.

But, it is extremely important to choose the best plugin that meets your requirements as everything that has the word premium attached to it cannot be worth purchasing.

In order to help you in choosing the best premium WordPress plugins, here we are listing some of the top WordPress plugins that are worth their price tag. So, if you are in confusion as to which plugin to opt for, go through this list.

List of top 10 premium WordPress Plugins

1. WP Advanced Google Maps

Being fully responsive, WP Advanced Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that helps you in displaying a numerous maps on a single web page. Apart from this, you can also add indefinite number of locations and markers on the map in order to organize them in the most efficient way.


With the help of map skins, you can easily bring changes in the maps that are added to the page. Packed with an array of spellbound features, this plugin is sure to meet all your requirements.

2. Facebook Events Plugins

Another WordPress plugin, Facebook events is the perfect option to bring an end to all your struggles of adding the Facebook events to your WordPress website.


With the help of this plugin all the events can be searched with an ease and imported to the WordPress website in no time. Moreover, this plugin requires no professional assistance for installing it to your existing website and requires a very simple procedure to follow.

3. EasyPay WordPress Paypal Plugin

EasyPay is one of the most sought after WordPress payment plugins that can be integrated with distinct online businesses, Charity/donation websites, online crowd funding campaigns, e-commerce websites and many others to make online payment easier.


This plugin is a secure WP Paypal payment plugin that automates the transaction and allows the online portal to receive the payments from the customers. Equipped with direct payment interface, this plugin allows the visitors to make the payment directly with the assistance of integrated forms on the site.

4. WooBooster WordPress Plugin

WooBooster is an outstanding WordPress plugin that adds an array of features such as product comparison, shipping availability, product filtering and many others to your WordPress e-commerce portal. This plugin takes your website usability to a great extent by the addition of extremely essential features to your online shopping portal.


Moreover, this plugin is a must have option for those who are running an online storefront as it can create wonders for your brand as well as reputation.

5. WooCommerce PayClub Gateway

Another WordPress plugin that is gaining popularity these days is WooCommerce PayClub Gateway. This plugin provides support for credit card secure payments with discover, mastercard, diners club, and visa through Interdin payment getaway.

Enabling the real-time authentication of the credit cards and its holders, this platform meets the security standards for the biggest credit card companies ensuring secure transaction for the owners of the store.

6. Knowledge Base Plugin Bundle For WordPress

An awesome collection of 6 premium knowledge base items, knowledge base plugin bundle for WordPress enables you to built a self-service support system in just few minutes and optimize support time in order to reply customer queries. Apart from this, you do not need to pay extra for any new updates or addons.

Knowledge base plugin

7. Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields works perfectly within gravity forms in order to provide you with the data security and custom control that you require for implementing it within your WordPress installations needs.

Gravity Form Plugin

This plugin helps you in encrypting the things that you want and also gives access to only those users who need it in the admin.

8. Square Up for Events Manager


Square up for events manager is the ultimate plugin that allows you to use your square up merchant account with event managers. This excellent payment getaway helps the event managers in adding a square for processing the bookings.

9. Live Search and Custom Fields

Live Search and Custom Fields

Those people who wish to add excellent filter on the website , LS&CF is the perfect premium WordPress plugin for them. With the help of this plugin, you can easily build a catalog page to display, search and filter on the custom post. For instance, if you own a real estate website and wish to display & filter properties by type, city, etc., then this plugin is capable of meeting all your needs.

10. Advanced Access Manager

Released in 2011, Advanced Access manager is among the most populous access manager plugins in WordPress repository with over more than 800k downloads.

Advanced Access Manager

This plugin enables to manage access of the website resources on individual user, user role or even visitor levels. Equipped with a well-structured API, this plugins can be used by developers for creating custom functionality.


Premium WordPress plugins can be highly beneficial for businesses as it not only makes their website appealing but also increase their functionality.

To stay ahead in the cut-throat competition, it is essential to have a unique website in order to grab a huge attention of people. Hope, the above listed WordPress plugins can be of great help. Feel free to give any suggestion or comments below.


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