How A Private Line Could Improve Your Online Business Production Rate

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The internet is a wonderful thing as it opens up our access to a wide world of information that we wouldn’t have been able to over a decade ago. In our personal lives we may use the internet for online shopping, games, booking holidays or catching up with our favourite TV shows. But the internet is also widely used within many businesses.


Similar to phone lines, internet connections can be prone to being out of service due to adverse weather conditions or maintenance. Taking out a leased line could be the right move to maximise the productivity of your business.

A standard internet line is usually shared by a number of properties within the same area which means they share the same source. There are also peak times where a larger number of people are all using the internet simultaneously, that can usually result in a slower service. Many internet suppliers these days use fiber optic cables that are far more powerful than standard lines, but even so, many addresses using the same source can potentially weaken the supply.

If you imagine a water supply coming from the supplier through one pipe to a number of houses and everybody’s turning on the tap at the same time. Everybody would still get water but the pressure wouldn’t be as strong. Now imagine a pipe that runs from the supplier but is only for one household.

They would then have unlimited and exclusive access to that supply that would be unaffected by anyone else. That is essentially what a leased line is.

Even if you only run a small business of around 20 people who all use the internet for their jobs, that number of people using the internet at the same time would have a considerable affect on the source, especially if you’re using a public internet line that is being used by many other businesses. Although it can be rather expenses, the benefits and productivity you can generate far outweigh the leased line costs. Leased lines are a lot faster than standard internet lines, especially when it comes to download and upload times

When you consider to invest in a leased line, it is worth bearing in mind that it can take a lot longer to install a leased line in comparison to a standard  internet supply, the average is about three months.

This is because a leased line cannot take the place of your pre-existing internet line, instead an entirely new circuit needs to be installed. This could also mean an extended period of construction time near your building in order to connect your premises to the supplier.


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