Top Reasons to Use a Screen Protector for Your Smartphones

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Screen guards play a vital role in preserving the value of smartphones.  A smartphone is an expensive device. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, only to have its value depreciate within days due to scratches and other forms of screen damage.


Among the major reasons why you should use a screen protector for your smartphone include:

Avoid Scratches

You most probably carry your phone in your pocket or purse, in which you also dump your keys, spare change and other items.  These things can damage your smartphone’s screen. Carrying a smartphone in a way that prevents it from coming into contact with sharp objects is not always easy.

However, when you use a screen protector for your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about scratches. This phone accessory protects your phone’s screen from scratches made by sharp objects in your pocket or purse.

Improve Aesthetics

Some of these accessories are reflective. As such, they improve the look of smartphones, while serving the purpose of a mirror. When you use a reflective screen protector, you get a mirror-like finish whenever you turn your phone off. When your phone is on, the screen protector acts just like a regular phone screen.

Avoid Fingerprints

Modern smartphones use touch-screen technology, which means you constantly swipe your fingers across the screen. This leads to smudges and fingerprints on the phone’s screen. However, using an anti-fingerprint screen protector for iPhones and other smartphones enables you to avoid these pesky smudges.

This accessory uses a lipophobic coating which repels oils secreted from the skin. It prevents your screen from getting smudged with fingerprints or grease spots which can spoil your device’s appearance.

Reduce Glare

Some protectors have anti-glare properties, as well. They reduce the glare on the LCD screen of the smartphone since they have a matte finish. They also use diffusion to minimise the reflected images’ consistency. This prevents you from straining your eyes since you won’t have to squint because of the glare from the device.

These protectors improve the visibility of the screen by cutting out the glare and reflection. Using such a protector is important because it enables you to reduce eye tension and use your device more comfortably.

Repel Dirt

A study has shown that smartphone screens are easily some of the most dirtiest things on the planet. Dirt-repellent screen protectors protect your screen from grime and dirt of all kinds. Using these accessories minimise safety issues that inhibit good user experience.

Basically, the screen of your smartphone is among the most important yet vulnerable areas of your device. Shielding it from scratches, dust, dirt and other debris is, therefore, the most sensible way of preserving the value of your device. Nevertheless, use a quality screen protector for a smartphone to ensure ultimate protection for the screen of your device.


Barry Walshey

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