HTC 10 SmartPhone Review : Features and Specs

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When it comes to HTC smartphones, this series is inevitable and very impressive. The new HTC 10 is a very smooth, user-friendly and amazing phone at reasonable rates.


Though the phone is not waterproof, it’s better in providing quality images and sounds; the camera is excellent as HTC is focusing on camera and other qualities. Let’s have a look at the specifications and traits of HTC10.


The new HTC 10 has a display of 5.2 inches in Super LCD. Though the phone is not that bigger the screen offers a good look and makes it attractive among the other phones of the same category. The quality of the images is excellent as well, and this is a very exciting feature of the new HTC 10. HTC believes in offering a quality screen with outstanding video and graphics, so this phone has an excellent display.

Processor, RAM, and Benchmarks

The processor of the new HTC10 is very sturdy and doesn’t lag, and this sort of processor is considered to be the very good in 2016. When it’s compared to other phones of same prices, specifications, and rates, HTC10 comes on top as it offers amazing qualities at reasonable costs. This is why the people have selected it, and it has become very popular nowadays.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners have been brought into all the new smartphones, so the one offered in HTC10 is great and works quickly. If you are a person who feels trouble in entering passwords and patterns, again and again, try this phone as it will unlock your phone with a simple touch of your fingers.

Battery and Charging

The phone charges very quickly and has an amazing battery life when it comes to using internet based apps and websites. When you are playing games, it consumes very little battery and provides great easy. Nowadays the users are tired of phones with low battery lives so those companies who concentrate on battery life can advantage and survive in the market.


This is a factor that the users check first of all when they decide to purchase a phone. HTC claims this new HTC10 gives the best camera in today’s world and is unbeatable nowadays. The resolution is fantastic, and the pixels are not broken. Though we can’t compare it with other phones with superb cameras it’s relatively better as compared to many phones in the markets.

Software and Apps

This is the second phone in HTC series that support an Android marshmallow. The layout and the interface of the phone are really excellent and give beautiful looks to the viewers. The people who have used it and others selling this phone claim it to be an outstanding addition in the category of smartphones.

Final Words

There are so many new smartphones, but HTC 10 offers fantastic services in minimum charges. When it comes to its camera, battery life, apps and software and layout, it’s simply awesome and user-friendly. It has gained popularity and acceptance among the masses in very less time that shows its greatness and excellent specs.


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