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Since May 2015, Google had teamed up with Twitter to display the tweets in Search results on mobile devices (Android and iOS). It is now the turn of the web version of which now started displaying relevant tweets from Twitter in its search results on Desktop.

For now, it is mainly the major brands, leading media personalities and famous personalities in the United States who are entitled to the integration of their Twitter account on Google. The integration of tweets on the web version of Google is less successful than the Mobile Version.

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On mobile search results, tweets appear the same way they are presented on Twitter. That is to say, they have the appearance of a card that integrates the tweet, photo and URL. While on the Web version photos that accompany them are miniatures and tweets appear to the left of the tweet.


The tweets that appear on Google seem to contain two URLs. If the tweet contains a photo, click on it will refer to the Message page on Twitter.

However, if in addition to the photo, there is a URL link in the tweet, you will reach the source of information without going through Twitter. Interestingly, Google has extended the integration of tweets to search results from the English Canadian version of Google.

Check out the above fun tweet exchange between Google & Twitter.


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