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Google+ is not far away, and this new social media platform could be a great way for business and individuals to promote their services for free. However, with this being said, page optimisation is not as simple as you may think, and if you do not get everything right then you could lose potential business. Here, we will explore some basic points that a lot of people miss out so that you can successfully optimise your profile.

1. Bolding

Your β€˜about me’ section should be quite long if you are putting all of your information on there. This means that it is essential you bold the most important sections of the text. If you do not, your profile will look boring and potential business associates will not bother reading your description.

2. Employment

You need to fill in the employment section of your profile to the finest detail. Skipping over this section is not an option because otherwise people will not know how much experience you have. A blank section here will look like you have missed it out intentionally.

3. Links

Even though this may seem obvious if you miss it, you will pay. Putting links to your site in your profile is essential. Then adding further links on your about me page is beneficial just in case your link was missed.

4. Occupation and employment

This section needs to be accurate. If you are the CEO of a company, and you have taken the time to set up the page, customers will be happy that they know their feedback or ideas are reaching you. However, at the same time, do not lie. Your customers will quickly see through this.

5. Nickname

Filling in your nickname (if you have one) is crucial. Some people are known by aliases, and if they put their name in there then the person searching for them may not have a clue who you are.

6. One line description

Below your name, you have 100 characters to describe who you are. This description needs to be filled out correctly in order for you to be added.

7. Places that you have lived

In order for people to put you in the right circles you need to make sure your previous places that you have lived are filled in correctly.

8. Watch out for Google Buzz and +1

Google+ can track your sites that you have visited unless it is turned off. If this is the case and your business profile comes up with some irrelevant sites your potential customer base may be put off.

9. Bigger Images

Most importantly though you need to make sure you have a picture which is at least 200 x 200 pixels of bigger. Your picture will be scaled down. However, when it is made larger it will scale it up, and this will make your picture look terrible if you have used a small one. This can have a detrimental effect against your company because it looks like you are under prepared and sloppy. Have a look to my google plus profile below, you can add me in your circle by clicking on image-


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