How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Service Provider: GetResponse vs MailChimp

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In this article we will examine Getresponse vs Mailchimp, two top e-mail marketing service providers, to determine which is best suited for your business’ e-mail marketing needs.


Overview of Getresponse and Mailchimp

Getresponse as well as Mailchimp are tools, which let you to:

  • Import as well as host a subscriber list (i.e. a database of email addresses) catch files onto it utilizing web page sign-up forms
  • Design HTML e-newsletters (emails that contain images, pictures, branding and so on.), which are often delivered to your subscribers.
  • Automate your own email messages to subscribe members via ‘auto responders’
  • Monitor statistics of your e-mail marketing campaign– click through, open rates forwards and more.


Getresponse and Mailchimp both equally offer intensive auto response functionality – some of the best out there. You’ll be able to include auto responders by action steps (for example, as soon as an individual opens or clicks a web link on an recent e-mail, they will be redirected automatically into a specific group of auto responders) or information (for example, as soon as an individual modifies his or her address in your list).


Mailchimp and Getresponse offer a similar group of triggers to select from – registration to some list, clicks, opens, Web addresses visited and information modifications almost all can be used to kickstart an auto responder cycle. Getresponse provides you with a cool feature through which one can induce an auto responder depending on the subscriber’s birthday also.


If you are looking at prices by yourself, Getresponse comes at the top. With Mailchimp, hosting 2500 clients will cost you approx. $30 and hosting 5000 will definitely cost you around $50 and also hosting 10000 will definitely cost $75.

Your marketplace analysis prices with Getresponse are $25, $45 and also $65 respectively making Getresponse the less expensive merchandise. (These programs all assist you to send a limitless volume of messages monthly to clients and also gain access to total features).

As far as my personal opinion is concerned Getresponse will ultimately be a cost-effective solution for many of the end users.


The two, Getresponse and Mailchimp offer various templates you may use ‘out of the box’. It is difficult to select the best of the two; both programs present you with a fairly wide selection involving templates and perhaps they are, for me at least, of fairly identical quality (good but not outstanding).

mailchimp templates

Getresponse offers a wide variety of templates as compared to Mailchimp though: around 500, compared to Mailchimp’s 300 (approx.). You can easily use a lot of templates quite effortlessly using both programs (more on which below), which means that if you are happy with the design, it is possible to mix the content straight into the design.

GetResponse Templates

An individual don’t need to use a supplied templates though: you employ your own HTML code on both Getresponse and Mailchimp to create your own template.

Which is better, Getresponse or Mailchimp?

Hard question. The two are feature-packed tools that’ll match the requirements of all the end users. For me following would be the reasons to select Getresponse over Mailchimp.


Reasons to use Getresponse over Mailchimp

Depending on the list sizing, as well as whether or not it’s possible to grow, utilizing Getresponse will usually be more cost-effective as compared to Mailchimp (particularly for long lists).

  • Getresponse’s split-testing feature is substantially much better than Mailchimp’s
  • Getresponse’s auto responder feature provides a lot more facility as compared to Mailchimp’s
  • Getresponse’s contains a lot of templates which are better as compared to Mailchimp
  • Getresponse is far more flexible in relation to form design – you can develop a bigger range of form types as compared to Mailchimp (standard embed, pop-up or perhaps lightbox) or perhaps choose a form through various pre-designed web templates.

The Getresponse offers you free plan (available for 30 days) which permits you to try all the features (unlike Mailchimp’s, which although unlimited isn’t going to enable you to make use of Auto


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