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Vishal Gaikar

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On July 18, 2013
Last modified:April 30, 2016


Qi Wireless Charging Pad is must have phone accessory for each wireless smartphone out there!

A wireless power could relieve you of those numerous cables and makes your gadget more durable and manageable. According to a research by IMS, there could be a market of $4.5 billion by the end of 2016.


These huge numbers are estimated because of the belief that consumers will embrace new technology which can cut that power chord out of their life and make wireless mobiles, truly wireless. This technology can make mobile device more energy efficient and more green and sustainable.


Today we are doing review for Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand for android devices which supports wireless charging. It is available for $56.99 on mobilefun.co.uk and for the benefits it offers to make charging of your phone, the pricing is just apt.

But before we do that let us first see some of the benefits of a wireless charging pad :

1. Finally you can cut the tangle of cords

The most important advantage,wireless charging offers is the freedom from the tangle of cords. In today’s world, where electronic devices has become part and parcel of our lifestyle, it becomes unmanageable to even think of charging all these devices on one go.

With wireless charging , you get the liberty to charge your devices without ever searching for its exact charger and wait for the plug point to get freed with other charging device.

2. No fear of losing charging adapters

With wireless charging there is no risk of losing your specific charging adapters or other charging accessories. Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports wireless charging so If you have one, make sure you have this product in your Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories.

3. Convenience

What could be more convenient than just dropping your mobile phone one the wireless mat.

4. Safety

With wireless charging pad there is always lower risk of getting electric shock. People often tend to talk on phone and respond to call, while mobile is plugged into the charger. This is risky and can cause electric shock. Using a wireless charger gives you the freedom to talk and then again put the mobile back on the charging pad, without any margin of error.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Stand

Qi Wireless Charging Pad helps you charge your device wirelessly which makes the whole process of phone charging an easy and clean process.It comes with a stand, which helps keep the phone upright , so that you can watch the videos or do a voice/video chat while your phone is constantly getting charged.

The major USP of Qi Wireless Charging Pad are that it has sleek and ultra slim design which can provide an easy charging solution for any wireless enabled phone. You can charge any phone which supports wireless charging using Qi Wireless Charging Pad. While most of the Qi wireless charging pad are bulky and ugly to look at,Qi wireless charging pad is great looking, stylish and ultra-portable.

Another major attraction of this super efficient charger is its desk stand. This allows you to consume media, pictures, videos or do video or audio chats while you can still charging your phone.

Looking much deeper into the Qi Wireless Charging Pad, we can notice the sleek, ultra slim design which provide the easy charging solution for any types of wireless enabled phone.

The stand which comes with the pad is a efficient way to save space, which helps you to keep it on your desk, office or at home. It’s ultra-slim design also adds to its sleekness. The charging is quick and intuitive on Qi wireless charging place which also allows to charge any Qi enabled phone over its dock.

Wireless charging pad offers the neatness and free you from the mess of charging cables. The Box contains Qi wireless charger which includes Qi wireless charging pad ,stand and Ac adapter. Qi wireless charging pad and stand is available for $56.99 on mobilefun.co.uk.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad is must have phone accessory for each wireless smartphone out there!

Vishal Gaikar

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