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Vishal Gaikar

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On September 2, 2014
Last modified:April 30, 2016


SJ IM is an app for OS Android which grants safe messaging on mobile devices. SJ IM is a jabber client for mobile phones and tablets with built-in automatic encryption algorithms based on PGP (OpenPGP) and OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging)

Are you worried about your data security? SJ – IM has solution for you. SJ – IM for Android a unique development for the android users, those concern about their data flow over internet. Internet is a global network which offers a variety of communication and information facilities. In other words it is a hub of various networks, where we can have secure and reliable transformation of data over the wire; on the other side internet also have flood of intruders and hackers that compromise with your data confidentiality.


They keep a constant vigil on your transmission. Therefore it has become today’s necessity to preserve the confidentiality of our information. SJ – IM is an excellent product that safeguards your data from the third party. SJ – IM encrypt your data using strong encryption algorithm, which makes it hard to decrypt the message that is being transferred. SJ is a secure cross platform IM that Jabber, AOL, Google Talk and other XMPP-based services.

SJ – IM for Android uses an OpenPGP algorithm to encrypt your information. The program is absolutely unique and has no analogues. The program automatically ensures encrypting of communication using jabber protocol (xmpp) by such well-known, powerful encryption system like PGP and OTR (Off the Records).

What SJ-IM offer: Encryption Features?

SJ IM is an app for OS Android grants safe messaging. It has version for your mobile devices, tablets and desktop. It has built-in automatic encryption algorithms based on OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) and PGP (OpenPGP).


Its encryption features include following:-

Support XEP-0027 (PGP encryption)

SJ-IM supports PGP key length up to 4096 bytes. Greater the length of key, harder is to break the key. Therefore, this ensures full confidentiality of your data.

Automatic PGP public key exchange

It provide you can option either you generate the key and exchange manually, or you turn on the automatic on. SJ-IM will generate and share the PGP key on your behalf before starting a chat session.

Support Off-The-Record (OTR)

SJ IM for Android allows you to chat safe without extra effort. Just start OTR session or exchange your public PGP keys with person you want to chat to and you’re ready to go.

Send files safely with 32 symbol password

You can now send the most sensitive data file over the internet convenient. SJ-IM new “One click to send” feature allow you to archive your data with a 32-symbol password and send it with a one click to safety and, which is a file hosting service!

Encryption P2P

With SJ IM, your chat history is also safe. Now you need to worry about your chat, if some other accesses your device. The chat history in SJ IM is encrypted with AES algorithm, which means no body can access the chat unless they have PGP key pair.

SJ-IM designed the program keeping all security threats and intruders in mind. Thus, it has incorporated all possible encryption algorithms. The product perfectly safeguards your data from the eagle eye of third party

Why to Buy SJ-IM

Our data is the most important asset. Therefore, security of our information is foremost. SJ-IM for Android is an incredible encryption product with an amazing features as well as cost effective.


You can have this excellent encryption product is just $4.95 for android Version. It is not all. This amazing product is also available for apple users as well. You can now get SJ-IM versions for Mac and iOS for $49.99.

Apart from the above encryption features, what make you buy this product is as follow:-

  • Completable witch any XMPP server
  • Multiple profiles
  • Comfortable history
  • Attractive design
  • Ease of use

Compatible witch any XMPP server

This product is compatible with all Jabber client those support OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) like Psi, Miranda, etc and PGP (OpenPGP)

Multiple profiles

Once creating account with SJ-IM, you can use its service for multiple profiles to chat and communicate.

Comfortable history

Since your chat history is preserved with PGP key pair, you need not to bother about your chat confidentiality any more. SJ-IM will take care of your chat privacy.

Attractive design

Design and built of the software is very attractive. Features are user friendly and ease to use and handle, which makes it must buy product.

SJ IM is an app for OS Android which grants safe messaging on mobile devices. SJ IM is a jabber client for mobile phones and tablets with built-in automatic encryption algorithms based on PGP (OpenPGP) and OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging)

Vishal Gaikar

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