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I have listed here best Facebook android apps. Facebook has become a part of our daily lives. It helps us to connect with our family, friends, colleagues with its large user base across different countries. Android is the popular operating system among mobile users. Facebook apps for android phones allows you to keep in touch with your Facebook friends as the same on an Android smartphone.

Facebook Android Apps

If you have an Android phone here are those top five Facebook android apps that are worth having:

1. Smart Places

Smart Places Facebook App allows you to share the location where you have checked-in, on your Facebook Wall. You can preset the location you want to check-in by creating an auto zone. As soon as you enter the zone, you will be checked into the set location automatically. You will be notified when any of your Facebook friends check in to the same location or nearby. Set the alert as vibrate or sound or LED flash. You will able to extend the default reach around your current location for friends notification. When you are leaving the location, you can checkout. The check-in from your Facebook Wall will be removed.


Smart Places is a free app in the Android Market but premium users who pay for the application get features like privacy, automatic checkout and photo checkin thumbnail.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app for Android acts as a quick messenger to users. You can send messages to your Facebook friends or anyone in your mobile contacts list with Facebook Messenger. If you are enjoying a vacation and want to share it with your friends, send messages to your group of friends, add location and attach photos to the message.

You can still reach your friends who do not have a messenger with a text message. Facebook Messenger helps you to send messages instantly and access sent and received messages on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

3. Facebook for Android App


You will be able to perform all the activities required to stay connected with your friends using this official android application. Share your status updates, view photos and events. ¬†Get to know what your friends are up to from their walls, see videos and checkin to locations to get attractive deals. You will be able to search a maximum of 125 friends’ phone numbers from the Home screen. Facebook apps on android are always better.

4. Go Chat

Use Go Chat to chat with your Facebook friends. It is highly ranked among users as it gives a great chat experience and provides easy and secure Facebook chat login. One of the best Facebook chat android apps.

Some of the other features that make this app the best include:

  • Ability to share images and location.
  • Send messages to Facebook friends who turn Offline and the message reaches their Facebook Message Inbox.
  • Send photos, voice notes, video while you chat.
  • Larger choice of smileys available to choose.
  • Go Chat app is a free app and requires only an internet connection or WiFi

5. Friend Caster


FriendCaster for Facebook is one among the popular Facebook apps preferred by many users. One of the best android facebook apps. The app is available for Android and also for the iPad. FriendCaster is a complete app fully packed with features like:

  • Application security: The App is more secured with enforced SSL encryption.
  • Checkin and Places: You can check in to a location and checkout when you leave the location.
  • Events: You can set the RSVP status for events, view them and know who’s attending.
  • Profiles: You can view your friends, their profile, photos and videos. You may also add your friends as favorites for quick contact.
  • Privacy settings: You can give customized privacy setting for the posts you make.

So friends, which Facebook android apps are you using to make your Facebook experience better ? Share best facebook apps for android with us via comments below.


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