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Apple just reported they sold over 35 million iPhones and nearly 12 million iPads last quarter (ending March 31) with a profit of $11.6 billion – Yes, Wow! This gives a lifetime total of 365 million iOS devices sold.

Start to integrate iOS products into your life at all levels and begin to cater and use them for daily tasks. Printing is one of those tasks and if you haven’t printer from an iOS device before, below are a few points to get you started!

Not all printers are compatible! You have 3 options – Printing From iPhone and iPad :

1. Purchase an AirPrint printer

Apple have developed the AirPrint technology and is native in iOS devices so you can print directly from an iOS device, wirelessly, to a AirPrint emabled printer. HP we’re the first to implement this tech into their printers and other manufacturers have followed – you can find a list of all AirPrint enabled printers on the Apple website –

2. Third party apps

There are various third party apps that allow you to print to almost any Wi-Fi enabled printer! These apps range from £0 to £20+ and some of these apps also allow you to print email attachments, files located in your Dropbox account etc. There is also and app that allow multiple users (great for business).

3. Using the app Printopia which give your i OS device the functionality to use any printer connected to a Mac!

300 DPI

When designing magazines, leaflets etc. for print, it’s vital to ensure the document’s resolution is 300DPI and any pictures used are also of a very high resolution. If you’re looking to print some really high quality stuff from an iOS device, we sure to use high quality pictures!

Printing Cost

Many people, when thinking ‘Apple’ think ‘Expensive’; naturally you would think (I did) AirPrint printers will be expensive to maintain however maintaining them would cost just as much as any other printer.

So there you have it! Some essential tips on printing from iPhone and iPad. Do you have any to add?

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution isn’t an issue when printing documents and printers from the iPhone and iPad. You may have an iPhone 3GS or the first generation iPad (both of which have a lower res screen than more recent iOS devices) however apps are not dependent on screen resolution and printing a Pages document from both the iPad 1 and the new iPad will yield the same quality.

So there you have it! Do you have any to add for printing From iPhone and iPad?


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