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Today I am sharing Video Chat Applications for Android with you. Phone conferences and nimble messages were a part of the past trend but with the advent of faster networking technologies video chatting has emerged as the latest fad across the globe. It’s no more surprising to know that people crack integral business deals via phones and confirm them through video chats.

The smartphones incorporated with amazing video chats options have eased the colossally growing professional and personal life of people. Check out these enticing and useful top 10 video chat applications for Android.



OoVoo is one of the most popular and seamless free video chat apps which you can use from your Facebook account. It links your contacts from your Facebook and phone and allows you to chat with twelve friends simultaneously.


Tango is an extremely simple and easy to use and it doesn’t even demand a password. You simply have to input your phone number, first name and email address and get started with this free app.



Hangouts in Google is used by almost everyone today. It allows video chats with 10 people including sharing of photos and emoticons. It is a popular free live-streamed and public video chat app in Android phones.



Camfrog does not only allow you to video chat with friends and acquaintances but also lets you join chat room to confront new people. It is an incredible amalgamation of video chat application and social discovery app. This cool and trendy app is free for all Android phones.



Fring is an easy alternative to staunch names for video chat. It lets you register with your phone number and supports video chats and free texting and sharing of photos and pictures.


Qik is a free video chat app that is available for all Android users. It is not just a video chat app but it incorporates multiple fascinating features and is best known as a lifecasting app that lets you record precious moments and even publish them in the Qik feed.


If you are searching for video chats solely for your business then Peer is the perfect pick. This app synchronizes with LinkedIn and allows you to communicate face to face with the business professionals.



Viber is a commonly used and popular video chat app in Android phones that accomplishes most of the task you look for in a multi-purpose useful app. It allows you to video chat and group call with over 40 participants.


Line is a popular messenger app that has more than 380 million users and is available on all Android platforms. It lets you connect with people face to face with its video chat functionality and switch between voice and video as per your will and wish.



Skype is one of the traditional video chat applications that have emerged popular over the years. It lets some 299 millions of users to video chat and incorporate instant messaging and voice calls. It is an old app and is recommended by many users who have relished its benefits and unperturbed functioning in their Android phones.


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