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Read this article about Guest Blog Posts Boost Your Page Rank. If you own an online business the only way to achieve a respectable page rank where your website will be found by prospects is by having a blog. Search engine algorithms focus on websites that are adding quality content on a regular basis that is relevant to the reader. Rank points are awarded accordingly.

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The problem for many web owners is they do not have the time or writing ability to produce quality content on a regular basis. However, by receiving guest posts for your site from other bloggers you will not miss out on the benefits that online marketing present.

Google are on a mission to make the internet a better experience for end users and are intent on delivering the best quality sites. They announced radical changes to their search engine algorithms that will reward websites that have quality content and relevant to users, thus keywords in blogs are as important as in web advertising copy.

Each time content is posted to your blog search engine robots visit your website to evaluate content and traffic. The more content you add the more points you score and the quicker you climb search engine rankings.

What are the benefits of guest blog posts?


Google award points to websites based on trust. One of the methods they use to determine trust is by the number of return visitors you get and the amount of time browsers spend on each page of your website. If you have good quality content on your site people will read it and are more likely to return. When this happens Google know you are a trusted product for them and will reward you with a higher page rank. Consider reading – Distribute Page Rank on Your Blog.

For this reason the quality of content you add to your blog needs to be useful, informative, engaging or entertaining. The important factor about content is that it is relevant to the product, service or subject of your site – so more than anything remember quality and relevance.

Blog content should ideally be posted to your site two or three times a week. Writing the posts yourself can be time consuming, particularly if research is required. The time it takes you to write a couple of articles a week could be put to better use in other areas of your business. A guest blogger removes this burden of commitment from you. Here are the 5 Benefits Of Guest Blogging.

When you invite guest bloggers to write content on your behalf you also have the right to request they hand over the copyright to you – which means you are then the owner of the piece and can reuse it. Here is the way you can find guest bloggers for your blog.

Another method that bodes favorably with search engines is the number of inbound links to your site from third party sites. Therefore take a blog post written by a professional blogger, rework it slightly so the content is not duplicated and put in a link back to your site.

The key to internet marketing is quality content and the doorway to success is by adding regular content on a blog whether you do it yourself or by using a guest blogger.


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