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Since 1930, FIFA has gripped aspiring footballers and enthusiasts across the world. Now you can watch your favorite game’s latest World Cup series- FIFA 2014 online for free!


The FIFA World Cup, as we all know, has captured our minds and has an effect on our lives. Every four years countries fight for the prestigious world cup. While some people just watch the finale, to see which country actually bagged the Cup, most of us prefer watching all the 64 matches, not missing a single game, and then discussing and debating with our peers as to who do you think is likely to rise as international champions.

Back until recently, in order to watch the matches one has to turn on their television and watch it in the local sports channel, which is quite cumbersome if you are living with a family, or people who really don’t enjoy football.

Football is a game which needs your constant attention, you never know when within seconds a Ronaldo or a Messie could score a goal. Sometimes, due to the increasing work-load or pressure, we fail to give our complete attention to the game, as we are distracted by other things.

Watch FIFA 2014 online

But things have changed over the years and so has the way we can enjoy the match. All you have to do is, turn on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or even your Smartphone and watch FIFA for free! Simple isn’t it?

Although many websites had in the past promised to broadcast FIFA World Cup, they failed to live up to their promise. However, there are some very few websites that claim to broadcast live streaming of all the 64 matches. Now these websites are most probably trustworthy and may not back out at the last minute. Following is the list of the websites, that can help you watch FIFA 2014 online.


Wizwig, is a popular website which undertakes broadcasting sports matches. It is famous for its reliability. The website broadcasts live matches of different sports such as Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Cricket and many more. The website is a one stop for sports enthusiasts as it serves live broadcast of different matches under one roof.

The website has prepared a neat schedule of the FIFA World Cup 2014, and has also segregated the matches according to Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Wizwig is a Live Sports Television on the internet.

Watch FIFA 2014 World Cup Online on WizWig.TV


Although the official website of FIFA doesn’t show any options of live streaming, the YouTube channel of the same is apparently dedicated to give coverage of the updates of the games as they proceed.

The YouTube channel may come in handy, when you are too busy to watch, but not really busy to miss the updates.

Watch FIFA 2014 online on FIFA TV


Now-a-days many sports channels have started developing their own apps which are available on different platforms to download. ESPN is one of the most prestigious sports channels.

FIFA 2014 is personally ESPN’s most recent ambition and in order to reach out to their viewers in the most bizarre situations, the sports channel has taken the responsibility to upload live streaming of all the matches in the tournament in their app. So, one can simply download this app and watch the live coverage of the FIFA World Cup uninterrupted.

However, there is a catch! People residing outside US cannot install the ESPN app and will therefore have to look for the official ESPN website which will stream the matches live for free.

Watch FIFA 2014 Online with ESPN

Also find below the FIFA World Cup 2014 TV Schedule and the group categories.



So guys, get ready to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 matches online for free.


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