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Today I came across website, which provides quick access for technicians and users to default passwords used on routers, default web logins, CCTV systems and other electronic devices.


Many times it happens that you have to enter password for router to configure something, and we forget the password that we gave to our router. The solution would be to call the router support team for us to solve that problem, but knowing what that delay is best to reset the router yourself and change the password.

To reset a router is very simple, usually in the back of the router there will be a small black button, where we have to get something very thin to press, you have to press it for 30 seconds or 1 minute (depending on the router ) and see all the lights will turn on the router. That’s the way I reset my Cisco Linksys e1200 router at home.

After resetting your router you just have to enter the username and password that comes standard on the router. If you do not know what username and password for your router then you can use, a page that has an extensive database with all default passwords of most routers on the market.


RouterPasswords is the largest free online database of default router passwords. Their database is maintained by the online comunity and constantly updated by visitors like yourself submitting new passwords.

If you know of a password which is not listed on RouterPasswords, then you can also add a default password for the router using Add Password link on the top of the page to submit your password.

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