BSNL Announces Unlimited Data Plans for Post-paid Customers

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In order to lure the youth and students of the Northern part of India, BSNL launches its new unlimited data plan for the postpaid customers.


On Wednesday, this week, the State-run service provider, announced its unlimited data plans for the postpaid users only. The customer has the liberty to choose one of the two data plans which aims at providing unlimited internet access to the BSNL postpaid customers.

The unlimited data packs are presently available in Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, UP (West and East), Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan postpaid BSNL users only. However, soon the offers will be made available across the country.

Amongst the two exciting unlimited Internet offers, the postpaid GSM mobile users can choose any one data pack. While one of the data pack for unlimited Internet charges the customer with Rs. 240, the other does the same at the cost of Rs 340.

With the availability of unlimited data usage, BSNL has warned that, the speed of the Internet availability will be considerably reduced to 80 Kbps, after the usage of 2GB.

The offer is very well designed by keeping the youth and students in mind. Today, most youngsters are obsessed with the Internet, and it is not a shocking thing to find that every other kid is addicted to the internet. Having said that, BSNL has smartly used the facts to lure audience especially the youngsters.

Unlimited internet access with BSNL

Unlimited internet access at the rate of Rs 240 or Rs. 340 is a great deal. It fits any youngster’s budget, and gives him or her unlimited access. Parents wouldn’t even have to worry about the huge sums of amount they might be forced to pay if their child is using a postpaid card without such internet plans.

To sum it up, the Unlimited Data Pack is a good initiative taken by Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited to provide students and other youngsters with what they want, in an inexpensive and reasonable fashion.

In its official statement, BSNL stated its intention regarding its target audience very clearly. It further stated that the packs will be launched for usage initially only in the Northern circles of India. However, the Southern circles can soon expect the arrival of these two unlimited data packs.

A few days ago, the company announced that it will offer free access to the social networking site, Facebook, without any data connectivity. Although Facebook is popular across age groups, it is, however, more popular among the youth.

Having studied the latest initiatives taken by BSNL, it is no rocket-science to speculate that the company has made the focus of its marketing and advertising, the youth of the country. If it is successful in luring the youth, the company will definitely be exposed to a lot of audience, and customers.

With the recent developments, Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited will definitely be successful in catching the attention of the youngsters across the country and ultimately do justice to its tagline which says, “Connecting India.”


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