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Vishal Gaikar

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On April 17, 2014
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Inspired by flappy-like games we decided to create a similar title allowing up to 4 players to compete online. Gamers' objective is to guide a toy plane through obstacles gathering scores along with their competitors in real time.

Gone are the days when single player games were the talk of the town. Now every developer is coming up with multiplayer games. Over the last few years, multiplayer games have certainly managed to grab a lot of attention from gamers across the world. For all these fans of multiplayer games, here is yet another fabulous game which is surely going to keep them engulfed for a pretty long time.


Developed by Evgeniy Belov, Plane Insane Multiplayer is surely a nice game to try. Before this, Flappy Bird was one game which created an outrage among players from across the globe. The game was known for its addictive nature as well as due to the difficulty in creating scores. Plane Insane Multiplayer is yet another enthralling game for all the fans of Flappy Bird.

Plane Insane Multiplayer

The strategy of playing Plane Insane Multiplayer game is similar to that of Flappy Bird. In order to make great scores, all you need to do is tap the screen of your device as well as keep the wings of your plane flapping in order to guide your toy plane through all the obstacles. The best part about being a multiplayer game is that you can also compete with lots of other players online. The number of players with whom you can compete in a single go is, however, fixed at 4.


You also have to collect scores in between your flight by using your flying instincts as well as wits. Plane Insane Multiplayer is a very addictive game which falls in the category of family side- scrolling arcade games.

This makes Plane Insane Multiplayer suitable for players belonging to all age groups. Adults as well as kids can equally enjoy themselves throughout the course of Plane Insane Multiplayer game.

With real time competitors and tricky paths, making a decent score is surely a challenge for all the players. In order to make the game playing experience more delightful for the players, the developers have developed Plane Insane Multiplayer in Unity 3D.


Apart from this, the graphics of this game are included keeping in mind the fact that it will be played by kids as well. Hence, nice and user- friendly graphics are a part of this plane flying game.

Plane Insane Multiplayer is absolutely free of cost and you can conveniently download as well as install this game from the iTunes website. This game does not come with any in- apps as well. This means that you can carry on playing this game for as long as you want without the need to worry about downloading as well as buying stuff in between.

It is a commendable fact the developers have conveniently designed this game to go well with almost every Apple iOS device that we use today. But Plane Insane Multiplayer is most compatible with iPhone, iPod touch as well as iPad devices.

Going in depth with the compatibility of this game, the minimum version of Apple operating system that is required to play this game is iOS 6.0 and above. However, Plane Insane Multiplayer game has been optimized to be used on all iPhone 5 devices as well.

It is surely going to be one of the most delightful as well as engulfing games that players have ever come across. Smart phones and tablets users have always been fond of new and challenging games and Plane Insane Multiplayer is no different from them.

This game was released during the beginning of April this year and has already got millions of hits from across the world. The size of Plane Insane Multiplayer game is 22.9 MB and so far, it has been only made available in English language by its developers. Looking at the popularity as well as fan following that Flappy bird managed to attain, a similar reaction and craziness is expected by its developers from players across the globe.

So far, Plane Insane Multiplayer game is not introduced for Android powered operating systems but Android users may sooner or later get to play this game on their devices as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Install Plane Insane Multiplayer game and fasten your seatbelts for taking the flight of your life.

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Inspired by flappy-like games we decided to create a similar title allowing up to 4 players to compete online. Gamers' objective is to guide a toy plane through obstacles gathering scores along with their competitors in real time.

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