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Motorola is again back in the market and simultaneously, it is also kicking off other Smartphones with a highly astonishing Moto G handset. There also exists a mid-range handset having a very low-end cost price along with Android KitKat. There are many compelling reasons due to which you will drive towards buying the Moto G.


The very compelling reason is that you can bag a highly affordable smart device with two different storage sizes of 8Gb and 16 GB. The former devices can be availed at just $175, while other can be availed at the price of $199.

Addition to this, there are many specs and features of Moto G which you will definitely going to love. These have been listed as follows to which you can just go through within a quick glance.



The compatibility of the MOTO is outstanding with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It is also noteworthy fact that both the devices from MOTO G are upgraded with the latest operating system and they are also guaranteed with the upgradation of the Smartphones.


No doubt, MOTO G is powered by the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 along with the Adreno 305 graphice . In addition to this, MOTO X is driven with the 1.7 GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960Pro Snapdragon.


You can enjoy the MOTO G with the 4.5 inches HD screen. However, in contrast to this, MOTO X can be availed with a bit of bigger screen of 4.7 inches and AMOLED 720 p HD.


Addition to this, both can be availed with the 720X1280 pixels of resolution. If you are willing to hire the MOTO G, then please note that it has a higher pixel density which is 326 ppi.


MOTO G sponsored by Motorola boats the very huge internal memories. It can also be availed in two diversified two variants of internal memories of 8GB and 16GB. These memories are however non-expandable and also no slots for micro SD cards are given.


The integrated camera of Moto G usually comes with 5 MP with the dimensions of 2592 * 1944 pixels wit autofocus rear camera along with the LED flash and the front camera of 1.3 MP which can be employed to record the HD videos of 720p.


There are many more versions that have been provided with the 10 MP autofocus rear camera with the LED flash and the 2MP front camera which you can employ for recording the HD video of 1080p@30fps.



This is a smart device that owns a non-removable Li-Ion 2070 battery and Motorola also claims that it can give a full day performance, even if you use it for videos, calls, internet and much more. There only exists a negative part within it, that it is non-removable.


The integrated RAM is 1GB for the MOTO G which is highly sufficient for the regular users. Additionally, the business people can also employ this with such an appropriate amount of RAM.

Moto G Unboxing Video



There exists only a one factor that allows the user to decide that which smartphone will be the best option for buying. It may not be worth comparing MOTO G with other Smartphones, but this device will definitely suit the pocket of every user.

You can plan for the same to buy as it is worth only; Rs 12,499 for the variant of 8Gb and Rs. 13,999 for 16 GB variant. If you will compare this device with other Moto versions, you can definitely realize that Moto G is very budget friendly in contrast to other Smartphones.


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