Top 10 Key Points to Look at When Choosing a Wireless Router

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Whether you are looking for a convenient way of satisfying that occasional need for the internet or you are up to something with enough muscle to carry that insatiable internet burden, choosing the right router can make the difference between a bunch of regrets and a satisfactory experience.

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The internet has become much of a necessity in this information age and that has come around with a multitude of routers competing for the consumer’s choice. A few rules need to be considered before you take that leap of faith and pick up one of those better-looking routers from any technology shop around town. Consider the following 10 points if your sole objective is to have the best wireless router for your internet needs.

Mind the Hardware: Processors and Ram Don’t Just Belong to Laptops and Smart Phones

The router does not necessarily spare you from worrying about the size of your RAM or processor just as you would be worried when trying to purchase a laptop or a smartphone. We tend to think of the router as merely some internet device and less of a computer and think these parameters don’t really matter. However, they are a good indication of the kind of performance we should expect from the router.

Routers range from single core to quad core and can fall below 800MHZ and go as far as 2.5 GHz. Ideally, considering today’s constantly evolving technology with more demanding internet needs, the generally accepted standard is a single core processor with frequency of not less 800 MHz.

If you are pretty comfortable with your pockets, you can settle for the more advanced dual and quad-core which offers the young enhanced ability to handle more data. Just like PCs with RAMs of less than 128MB can give you a terrible time in today’s technological landscape, routers with the same rating can give you a torrid time. Just do not settle for anything less than this and if the budget is a little tight, you can go for the 250MB router which is capable of an average experience.

Dual Band Routers Are Way Better Than Single Band Routers

Don’t get intimidated by the jargon, dual-band is nothing more than a fancy term for a router which broadcasts signals on two frequencies. Its single banded cousin can only produce signals on a single frequency. Each of these has its own benefits and flaws and this is why you should be worried about these terms when you are looking for a router that is efficient and liberated from interferences.

Single-band routers produce signals at a frequency of 2.4 GHZ and cover a wide range while double band routers produce signals at 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ at a shorter range. The major downside of the single band router is that it is susceptible to interference from other networks and can be congested, particularly when your house is located in crowded areas like urban and cities.

This goes against the very essence of having a router in your home which is why a double band router is better. Its shorter range reduces the possibility of interference from other networks and can save you a headache that comes with having a faulty internet connection.

Consider the Need for Usb Ports

The USB has become an important means of sharing information in today’s world and you may discover you need it to get the best out of your router. The router USB can be used for sharing information through a number of ways. It enables you to plug-in any type of a USB storage device and shares data over the network or you can easily create a networked media hub that enables file sharing through streaming.

If you happen to have a printer with no wireless capabilities make sure the wireless router has at least one port that can save you the frustration of not being able to print out the documents you need.

Be Wise With the Spending

It is always wise to have a clear understanding of what your internet goals are before you go ahead and overspend that much-needed cash. Routers have a ridiculous price range extending from as low as 15 dollars to 200 dollars and buying the priciest does not necessarily imply the best experience.

If your goal is to have a basic home internet connection, the mid and lower range routers can afford justice to your expectations whereas if you are a power user and on the lookout for power performance, chances are you may fall on the upper range of 100 to 200 bucks.

Make Sure It Has a Smartphone App

Gone are the days when people could only manage their routers through browsers on a computer which was wired to the router. Smartphone apps give you the ability to control features that enable you to set your router remotely. It proves a more practical and convenient way of managing your router.

However, manufactures produce a variety of apps with different capabilities. While some can only alter basic features, other more advanced counterparts can effect on a range of features so it all depends on the level of control you need for the best experience possible.

Be Aware of Newer Standards

Technology is changing every day and wireless routers have never been an exception. Adopting newer versions imply embracing faster and more efficient ones. Most recent gadgets usually support the newest router standard which is 802.11ac. Be aware of what your gadgets can work with in an efficient way otherwise you may end up buying an unsupported router.

Learn From Other Peoples Experiences

No manufacturer is excited to let people know about the potential weaknesses associated with their routers as much as they would brag about the possible strengths. Some will flood you with fancy terms to convince you their brand has a distinct advantage over others only to find out it’s a much different experience.

The internet provides a lot of first-hand information through countless blogs and reviews which can afford you some pretty helpful clues on what to expect from some brands. You are bound to find some conflicting views which in turn calls for a strong reliance on your judgment. In other words, don’t base 100% of your decision on one guy bad or good experience, take it from a range of views.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are a businessman who travels almost all the time then it doesn’t help anyone buying a router that was designed for confined spaces. Consider your lifestyle and deduce if it’s a good fit for a particular router otherwise it cannot serve its intended purpose. Portable routers are appropriate if you are more of a business nomad who still needs a lot of internets whilst the less portable ones are appropriate for more confined lifestyles with little ground to cover.

Check on Router Warranty

Some seemingly little things can be good indicators of whether the product was designed out of the commitment for quality or just another gadget to make more money. Most router manufacturers offer some warranties to prove their commitment to providing high-quality products and this can translate to the quality of the product you are buying. It is never a bad idea to exercise the right to know whether you are protected or not while checking for the manufacturer’s credibility.

Bandwidths Don’t Really Matter; Just Don’t Get Anything Below Ac 1200

Wireless router manufacturers are fond of bragging about bandwidth and other jargons that often make you confused and simply choose the one that has the highest value. Bandwidth values range differently various routers and can extend from 1200AC to over 3200AC. No matter what the manufacturer claim they can provide, the truth is that bandwidth does not really a matter as long as you stay 1200AC or above.

To sum up, these are some of the critical points one needs to remember when considering an internet router purchase. A little patience and attention to some minor details are essential if you a looking for a top-notch personal internet experience.


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