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Air Playit  is the free Media Streaming Software available for iPhone, iPad and Android. When tons of Apple fans go crazy for the brand new iPad (officially called the new iPad), I finally made the decision to enter the world that Apple creates and buy the iPad 2 after struggling for some time. Anyways, I picked the cheapest 16G with Wi-Fi to save money and thought bigger storage space is unnecessary, just like the most of people. But unfortunately, I found the ugly truth.

The problem appears when I needed to watch movies and videos on the iPad, you know, it just does not make sense to waste originally small storage space on movies or videos. But I think there is something that I can do to solve this dilemma. Later I knew somehow it refers exactly to what AirPlayit does.

Air Playit is a video streaming software designed to stream videos audios to iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android OS mobile devices. Built in 320 different video/audio codecs, it acts as your personal audio video cloud and is capable of streaming almost all videos to your mobile devices via WiFi and 3G/4G network.

This is really something, isn’t it? Since now you don’t need to store any movie on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android mobile device. More fascinatingly, it is totally free.

When speaking of how it works, the Air Playit App comes in two parts:

  • The server end for your Mac or PC.
  • The client end for your iPhone/iPad/iTouch or Android mobile devices.

If you have the same problem, Air Playit might be the right track towards reaching a satisfactory destination.To illustrate the streaming process clearly, here I am gonna write down the simple steps and hope they could do some good to help you understand the process better.

First thing first, download Air Playit server for your PC or Mac, download Air Playit client for your iOS device or Android mobile devices and install both correctly. Run Air Playit server and client both on your computer and iOS device. Then the client should find the server automatically because of Bonjour Service. Then, click “Add Folder” or “Add iTunes Playlist” to add the video folder(s) you want to stream from the server end. Here access permission with PIN protection can be used to prevent unwanted access.

Next, click “Play” for playback of videos/audio on iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Android on fly.

Final words:

Despite a lack of instructions, it’s pretty hard to hypercriticize an app that offers what it intends for free. Air Playit makes it easy to stream your media library from a PC or Mac to either Android or iOS devices.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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