Install Popular Programs in One Go After Windows Reformat.

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smart-installer-pack1Now you can make your computer’s new configuration faster!  Install all the usual software in a few minutes and free with Smart Installer pack.Smart Installer Pack is bundled with a set of 24 popular and commonly used free software like Google Chrome, Firefox, Winamp, WinRAR, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player,, CCleaner and more. Using SIP, you can install all your favourite software in a few minutes.

SIP was made just to eliminate all the searching around for nothing, waiting, downloading (which can take up a lot of time) and only then installing.



  • Easy, intuitive user interface design
  • Contains usual start-up software*
  • Greatly improves the time needed to install that software, eliminating some of the unnecessary searching, downloading, etc
  • All free
  • The installer comes packed in a convenient executable file
  • You can choose which software you want to install using suggestive icons
  • The application is made as small as possible
  • Install fast, fast, faster!

List of software included in the SIP :


Now, all you have to do is download this Smart Installer Pack and click on the preferred icons – you can choose which software to install.

Links : SIP Homepage | Download Smart Installer Pack | How to Download SIP


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