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Music on the go has long been in existence. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that music was invented to facilitate listening to it on the go. That being the case, the last you remember, it must be the MP3 players that you thought were the ideal devices to listen to.


Memory cards have almost succeeded in making the MP3 players outdated. The increase that keeps happening in storage sizes in memory cards is helping the process a lot. Android smartphones are better equipped to do without MP3 players which require locking in to particular software in the player.

We have compiled a list of top 10 Music Players For Android, I hope you will like them.

1. PlayerPro Music Player

This player sports a good number of features and options for customization. Equalizer and reverberations and support for SRS, Dolby are some salient features. You can share text and artwork on Facebook and Twitter. You can get some 20 skins free along with the player.

2. Winamp

Winamp had been there for ages. It is Android compatible and can sync with a PC and Mac wirelessly. iTunes library can be imported too. Android voice search is possible. last.fm is integrated in the player. The 10 band equalizer, gapless playback, FLAC support and a home screen that is customizable are features that work wonders.

3. Rocket Music Player

Basic or advanced, this is a music player has it both. There is a 5 band equalizer and you can fade in or out while playing. Rocket can work with iSyncr and allows you to play counts to iTunes. Sync with podcast bookmarks is possible. There is a 10 band equalizer and lossless audio format support.

4. MixZing Music Player

Playlist features and user interface are the attractions of this player. You can select songs according to your mood. You feedback translates into a playlist built automatically by MixZing. It can identify untagged music.

5. Neutron Music Player

A high-quality music is what is you get in this player. This is made possible by its audio rendering engine of 32/64 bits. It supports various file formats. It is customizable to a high degree

6. N7Player Music Player

Based on OpenGL, this player displays music library in an eye-catching way. A 5 band graphic equalizer and a gapless playback facility are its main attractions.

7. Sensor Music Player

The bass boost, 5 band equalizer and virtualizer are the basic features in this player. Gestures can be put to use to control playback in this player. The four modes in this player are: pocket, custom, wave over and hammer. Different actions like waving your hand to skip a song are made possible by the sensors.

8. Beam Player Pro

This player is different from all other players in that it contains only minimal but clean features. Tablet sized screen viewing is an experience to remember and that is made possible by the folder based music player.

9. Fusion Music Player

The biggest relief here is that there are no ads. But the features are intact. A 12 band equalizer and surround sound make this player an ideal one. You can segregate music by albums or artists. You shaking or waving your hands can make changes in the operation of the player aided by the sensors.

10. Poweramp Music Player

This is a customizable player with a 10 band graphic equalizer. Features include stereo expansion, bass and treble balancing and mono mixing. Gapless playback and a built in last.fm are other attractions


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