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MoboLive is developed by It packed now with brand new features as they recently released a new version 5.0.1 with lot of improvements, a stunning new layout, new themes and wallpapers that will take your breath away, wonderful functions, versatile widgets, all in all a cool experience to have on your Android mobile.


It is an extremely powerful launcher in that it can be customized in more ways than you may think of. If you are in possession of an android device loaded with Android 2.1 and above can get to feel and experience this impressive launcher App.

The major features of the MoboLive App include:

Support for More Themes than You can think of

The array of themes that you can download, install and apply through MoboLive can leave you spellbound. They are absolutely beautiful and mind-blowing. All you have to do is to press the Themes option on the Home screen and you are free to explore and download any theme that you find great for your device.


Maximum Security for your Device

MoboLive allows you to manage and regulate risky and doubtful Startup Apps and permissions for apps. You may also exercise full control over the data to be used on certain apps, thus ensuring the maximum security from data corruption on your Android device.

Customization of the Home Screen

On the home screen you may accommodate as many as 15 icons, of which 5 will be visible at a time and can be made to slide to the right and left. You have the full liberty to design the screen by changing the icons and replacing shortcuts with others.

This can be done simply by long – pressing the icon or from the Preference option under Home screen Settings.

Host of Widgets for your Device

Whatever might be your choice of widgets to be shown on the Home screen, MoboLive enables you to take your pick. You may opt for anything ranging from Power Saving, Power Control, Weather, Clock, and Cleaner.


All is needed of you is to select the widget you love to see on the screen, and then long – press on an empty space on the screen, the widget will automatically find its space there.

Use of Folders for Managing your Apps

MoboLive offers the best way to put your Apps into different categories and then place them in separate folders, for easy reference and searching later on. This makes the device neat and smart and the apps easy to access and handy. You are free to alter the style of folders by going to Preferences, then to Customize Settings and then to Folder Style.

The Best App and File Manager

MoboLive provides a highly interactive file manager and an apps manager that make managing the games, music and video files as well as management of all the apps that you have installed in your device, like child’s play.


With the help of the file manager, you can view your cherished photos, listen to music and watch videos. With the help of the app manager, you can transfer, manage and uninstall apps at your free will, by the use of just a single app.

Battery saver to extend your battery life


MoboLive comes with the battery saver that helps to optimize your battery level. You can stop background battery eating apps with a single tap. In addition, it allows you to switch between different modes based on the timing. Battery saving won’t be a hard task any more.

In-Built Cleaner for your Device


MoboLive comes with an in – built cleaner App that helps you to keep your Android device in a tip – top shape and look always. All the cleaning and memory management that you need can be done just by a single tap on your device.

MoboLive – the Best Launcher, the Best Choice

Packed with so many useful and handy features, MoboLive is definitely the App launcher that one should try out for his Android device and feel the difference for himself.

Download it from Google Play


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